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Updated on May 03, 2009
Friends of Couture sweater - Living Doll shorts - Target Australia shoes
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coldlight 's Thoughts:

I have so much uni work to do!!!!! I am really behind, but I am also rather obsessed with chictopia o_0 it’s becoming quite detrimental to my studies….

Anyway last night I went to my friends house, she was having some friends over… pretty fun. Transformers was on Foxtel so we watched that, it’s a good movie!! When the next one comes out my bf and I are going to see it in Gold Class :P hehe.

Today my bf and I drove to this market that is supposed to be on every Sunday… but it wasn’t open!! So we wasted a bit of time and petrol (Well… gas, because the car was converted to gas- it’s cheaper!!). And I just checked the website before, and it’s closed until further notice. Boo.

But yesterday we went to another small garage-sale type thing and I got a silver Glomesh bag for $10 and a pair of leopard print tights and some black/gold-foil looking leggings for $5 each :) But i’m not sure how to wear them yet.

Also, do you think the black stockings over the cream ones look better over the knee or closer to the ankle? Wearing them over the knee seems to be pretty popular right now!

<3 wensi

Comments (14)

s_walt on May 31
sorry to be commenting on such an old pic, but i really like your pairing of the darker wash shorts with the knee highs - its the first time ive seen knee highs look nice with jean shorts (inside of like the usual skirt or dress). excellent - i love it
coldlight on June 02
no worries thanks for the comment!! i'm glad u like the look :)
kwini09 on May 28
you look so cute! :) I love the socks wether it's pulled up or down. :D
xs_ on May 11
I think the socks pulled down is more 'original' because chictopia is the land of OTK ... BUT... I think the OTK look makes your legs look a MILE long... so I'm going to have to go with the over the knee look. you look strikingly cute either way.
u_ung on May 08
Cute..love lacey detail on your shirt!!
fashiongeometry on May 08
thats a really cute top! love the embroidories and wearing it with knee high socks. very lolita like :)
beckyxoxo on May 08
nice look . :D
Bartabac_ on May 07
so cute!!!
aranell on May 05
This is so gorgeous! Really love the top and I think I like the socks best over the knee, but both ways looks great :)
cocorosa on May 03
hahahaha I loveeeeeeee the knee highs.. but I think you already knew that haha :) yesterday I digged out some leopard tights out of my closet!! so funny, I was trying out how to wear them too :) I cant take photos today cause it rains but your going to laugh so hard if you see what I came up with that your stomach is going to hurt.. your gonna be shocked haha :) :) :)
WickedPlumVintage on May 03
I heart that shirt soooooo much!!!
Bex99 on May 03
so adorable!
KelleyAnne on May 03
You look very put together! I really do love the top and the knee socks...and come to think of it, the whole look!
mathonka on May 03
♡♡ your top!!
franloiacono on May 03
Love the detail of the sweater, and the brooch too! :D From the preview i thought you had a tie lol Yes, Chictopia can be really addictive...i gotta study too today!!
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