CoedUgly sans fards.

Updated on May 20, 2009

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DeionSmileyyy on October 10
You are amazingly beautiful, you don't even need makeup! I WISH i could wakeup and have my hair look like that! (ugh, jealous! lol) I usually never wear makeup except lipbalm but I recently started experimenting with other things and I'm officially in LOVE with mascara!
elec_tric on July 14
i never wear makeup in the summer! great article xx
imarobeast on May 26
I honestly think you look so much more beautiful without makeup. Not that you don't look beautiful WITH, but lord, are your features striking as is.
paulinabelle on May 25
i dont usually wear makeup, it think natural beauty should be celebrated more often!!! you look lovely without makeup of course!!
angiehearts on May 24
yes! agree
keely5 on May 24
great post you look fab!
charlie_lately on May 24
this was really nice! well done
RazzleDazzleMe on May 23
I'm still a little shallow. It's way hot and humid, foundation just melts off my face. But I still feel a need to put on eyeliner. But I don't mind not wearing any make up to the pool or if I know I'm going to outside a lot. It's hard because I use to just wear lip balm and a beige eye shadow when I was younger.
nihonfleur on May 22
you are beautiful and make me wanna do a sans fards post too! Also I have found myself leaving the house with a completely bare face and not even noticing till I got home. This is a huge change for me when for most of my college career I would but on foundation and mascara not matter what before shoeing my face. yay to all the proud girls who do this already!
classytrash on May 22
Oh yes, for the longest time I ALWAYS wore make-up out of the house but I've been doing it less since moving to NY, as not many people here wear heavy make-up. Now that I've been doing it more, I'm starting to appreciate the way I look which is big for me! Regardless, as long as you feel beautiful as you are then you're set =)
ivywang on May 21
I actually don't wear a lot of make-up, so I don't get the shock factor. I guess it's 'cause we're so used to seeing celebrities dolled up at events, it's a bit of a shock to see them w/o - 'cause they usually go sans fards when they're exercising, shopping, etc. (i.e. not making movies, performing, or going to events). You look really different w/o make-up, but mos def not bad or any uglier!
raiscake on May 21
Hmm... I have super sensitive skin that breaks out at every little thing, so I'm afraid I'm not quite brave enough to go sans fard. You look great though!
classytrash on May 22
I definitely understand. Always do what makes you feel most comfortable, with make-up/without make-up. Just feel beautiful =)
TRUSTtheGIRLS on May 21
amazing post! + u look perfection, girl.
lydia on May 20
"Natural" beauty always makes me laugh a little, only because I barely EVER wear makeup. I think everyone wouldn't look so shockingly different sans makeup if they did it more often: the rarity is often what adds shock factor. You look beautiful (but we already knew that=D)
classytrash on May 22
Oh man, I used to wear SO much make-up. Less than some people, but definitely a ton. I'm glad I'm starting to appreciate the natural me a little bit more.
mnavoy on May 20
whoop you go girl
classytrash on May 22
warmpjs on May 20
I agree.. I wish no make-up was the norm! My mom is really anti-make up for me, and I've never really minded. I think if I got into wearing make-up, though, I would feel all naked without it.
classytrash on May 22
My mom used to be really anti-hairstyling for me (dye-ing, heat styling, etc) and my hair was so gorgeous, silky and straight and now it's kind of dry and can't stay straight for anything. Mom's sometimes know best, haha!
mandark on May 20
you're gorgeous!

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