The summer shoe: Or, the things people notice

Updated on Jul 23, 2008

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enc on July 25
Doesn't Canada have good shoes? I think I can imagine what kind of boots you are after. I bet there are tons of them in London.
enc on July 23
You're so right about the paucity of choices for men's shoes. Mr.OM has been after a pair of boots for ages, and there's really not much out there. Also, dress shoes are sadly lacking. If only I could get him to wear shoes like these. He's just too much of a rocker.
thesundaybest on July 24
I too have searched for boots. For two years I have scoured the landscape for a pair of Dickensian brown leather boots. Alas.
MaleUgly on July 23
I love that you care. Let's all care together!
geekbonchic on July 23
I would like to think that he's more complicated than simply wanting someone else's job. But I can't wait for a garment with nothing but Hedi Slimane on the tag.
geekbonchic on July 24
Haha. Sorry. Meant to leave that on EIU's page. Don't know how that happened. :|
thesundaybest on July 24
I am too...but have no idea what that has to do with this post.
EverybodyIsUgly on July 23
Well I don't think he wanted "someone else's job" - I would assume it would because he wanted to expand his breadth of design. I agree, I am a big HS fan. Cheers.

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