My Funny Valentine

Updated on Feb 08, 2016
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cocoandvera 's Thoughts:

Valentine's Day, in my experience, has always been best when I kept things low key. Which seems a silly thing to say when I’m sharing snapshots from the prettiest Valentine’s Day tea party that I’ve ever had a hand in putting together, but it’s true. I'm not a particularly sentimental person, so flowers and chocolates on February fourteenth don't mean more to me than they do any other day of the year. But I feel like Valentine's Day, with all its pretty pink flowers and heart-shaped treats and adorable cards, is, like so many Hallmark holidays, fraught with pressure and therefore, not surprisingly, often ends in disappointment. But disappointment can also be pretty hilarious under the right circumstances. While we were taking these photos at Faubourg Bakery, I couldn't help thinking that although February fourteenth hadn't yet arrived, this was shaping up to be one of my best Valentine's Days yet - after all, there I was with one of my best friends and my photographer husband, working on a project we were all excited about, and what could top that? But to be fair, this Valentine's Day doesn't have much competition... After all, for our first Valentine's Day, my high school boyfriend came down with acute appendicitis on February thirteenth, which meant we celebrated in the hospital, with nurses popping in and out to make inquiries about how his bowel function was improving after surgery. (Not a joke or an exaggeration - oh, romance!) Several years later, when Ian and I were spending our first Valentine's Day together, it seemed like I was set to put my bad Valentine's Day luck behind me... until Ian's brother called, just after he arrived to pick me up, to say he had locked his keys in his car. He was an hour away from my house, and since we lived in Manitoba at the time, there was no option - Ian had to go pick him up, it was at least minus twenty outside. We went for our Valentine's Day date on February 15 that year. Needless to say, my expectations for Valentine's Day are pretty low. And the truth is, I think love is worthy of celebration every day of the year - and not just romantic love, either; my girls, who listen to my instagram anxieties and help me choose the perfect shoes for every occasion, deserve a lovely tea party (and as soon as we're in our new apartment, I intend to host one, although it will admittedly be a bit after Valentine's Day.) I’m not really for or against the love-themed festivities in February; I've said it before and I'll say it again - I can't resist a holiday that comes with sweet treats, bouquets of flowers and adorable paper products, because I can't resist any of those things on any day of the year! Most people have stronger opinions on this subject than I do, so tell me: when it comes to Valentine's Day, where do you stand? And if you love it, how will you be celebrating? Personally, I plan to curl up on the couch with Ian, Netflix and another plate of Faubourg's delicious macarons!

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