How to Wear Color -- Part 1

Updated on Jun 09, 2009

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missocd on July 08
so colorful! but it works :)
AlexJordon on June 30
magnesium on June 18
I love color !! Any thing to black/white/monochrome makes me feel listless!! Very informative post!
ssasycrystal on June 16
I love it! Great examples. :)
itmakestheworldturn on June 11
So I just realized that I don't really dress in color a lot. I wear like a black shirt with a grey jacket and green pants and a colorful necklace. But now I see that COLOR IS AMAZING. Im going shopping and buying rainbow!
CoedUgly on June 11
Glad you liked the post. But color in moderation can be nice too, the way you described. More on that in the next post ;)
elec_tric on June 11
I love color! Of course as an artist, I'm biased. My favorite is when people pull off complementary colors. Are you going to cover matching the right colors with your skin tone?
CoedUgly on June 12
Cool, thanks for the tip! :)
elec_tric on June 12
there's some kind of system called season color analysis, I think. Worth looking into!
CoedUgly on June 11
Honestly, I don't know much about colors for skintones. I've never personally run into that issue since I have medium-light skin, which seems to go with most colors, as far as I'm concerned. But definitely something I could look into. Thanks!
lydia on June 11
I totally have that H&M bow belt. And yay color! I kind of forgot about awesome brightness in the gloomy depths of winter, but now that the sun is back, so are the bright =D
phantomfire on June 10
Can't wait to see the other installments! & Love those shoes!
KristaniA on June 10
yay, i got my color combo right! :) i love matching purples and yellows. i didn't know anything about this before, but now i know im on the right track :D i guess that would put me in the 'complementary colors' pool? :)
TheStylishWanderer on June 09
oh i love this post. thanks for sharing!
dustyrosevintage on June 09
what a nice little lesson. it's nice to see so much color here!
RazzleDazzleMe on June 09
I'm so ready for color, I'm stuck in a blue/brown period but i think your right and being ready to mix in some more.
hotairballoon on June 09
thanks for posting this! I've also been curious about mixing patterns. Possible future post? ;)
CoedUgly on June 09
It's going on the list! :)
Noir on June 09
I disagree with your theory of colors. Is not correct. Additive Primary colors (of light): Red Green Blue Subtractive Primary colors (pigment): Cyan Magenta Yellow. I love color!
Noir on June 09
anyway I love the pictures you post and the combination of colors.
Noir on June 09
Ok, I understand you, there are people that often referred to red, yellow and blue as the primary but is not correct. I know color theory well because I studied and still do it now :).
CoedUgly on June 09
I do know the RGB/CMYK distinction when it comes to light and pigment, but the blue, red, and yellow system is a layman's system of CMYK. Also, I think the blue, red, and yellow system seems to be more often referenced as the primary colors with regard to color theory, while RGB/CMYK is referenced more in physics, printing, and graphic design. I promise I did my research!
twinkl on June 09
Love those graphics! Colored, organized dots on white make me happy. Color on me is something I need to work with a bit more. I had an art teacher that used to say not to wear more than 3 colors at once. She wasn't a very good art teacher.
CoedUgly on June 09
I actually stole the color wheel graphics from a random website. ^_^;;
gladys_c on June 09
nice tips!! very educational :)
chamcham on June 09
i learned a lot! thanks. question though. is it over rated to wear colors on rainy days?
CoedUgly on June 09
Hm... I usually wear neutrals or darker colors on rainy days, but I try to incorporate some colorful accessories. Not really sure what the reasoning behind this is, but it's what I do. :)

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