Guest Post: Luvjess on EXAM TIME

Updated on Jun 15, 2009

Comments (13)

cheapshoesonline on June 01
This is a great post. you got cheap shoes online .I like cheap designer shoes as well give you designer shoes outlet
bjkdAnc3r on March 07
nice flats!
madame_bovary on October 28
cute shoes!
plastikneon on June 17
Replace the last photo's sweatpants with semi-see-through leggings and you have most of the kids at my college...*sigh*
Naso on June 16
love this post !!!!!!!
islabonita on June 16
this post is fun and luvjess is adorable, as always. <3
IslandChic77 on June 16
lol nice post:)
RazzleDazzleMe on June 15
I can't wear sweats. It's so sloppy and also I have anxiety the last thing I need is to dress poorly.
libys11 on June 15
that lost photo.. oh gahd!!! everyone in university dresses like that.. well, not everyone.. but they're everywhere!!!! eeppp!! :D you see, im in a place where we get -40 degree weather and for me, uggs are forgiveable. but if they are to be worn, i would want them with some tights or something pretty. hahaha! gret post, dear! :D
beckyxoxo on June 15
aww . nice post ! :D
jazzyhwang on June 15
congrats on this guest post :) you're adorable<3
LilyDarling on June 15
jess is super adorable...!!
magnesium on June 15
It's LuvJess ! I'm such a fan already :) Great post! And I'm also loving the first photo. And I ditto on the mini + wifebeater + sandals/ heels / flops. Ugghhh. HUGE fashion no-no !

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