How to Wear Color -- Part 3

Updated on Jun 17, 2009

Comments (9)

arden on September 16
aww... this is adorable! <3
lovelytyphoon_ on June 21
This makes me have the urge to go fin the best white dress EVER.
CoedUgly on June 21
:) I consider little white dresses essential for summer... though I don't feel quite the same way about LBDs for winter. Hmmm...
plastikneon on June 19
I've loved your last few posts. I've found myself straying away from all blacks, and adding bright colors into my outfits. I even wore red, blue, yellow all're doing an awesome job!
CoedUgly on June 19
Awesome! That's the best possible comment, I think. :)
ArtNat on June 19
Somehow somewhere black became the only acceptable color for looking super fashion-y, and it is so suffocating! Thanks for reppin colors.
CoedUgly on June 19
Agreed. I think color can look amazingly fashionable as well!
dustyrosevintage on June 18
hurray for you on your crusade for color. we all need more in our lives, methinks.
CoedUgly on June 18
Completely agree! I'm sure most people on Chictopia fall into the category of not owning enough color, but I'm trying to cover all possible bases. ^_^
TeenUgly on June 18
you look absolutely adorable here! I want to steal your beret!
CoedUgly on June 18
Haha, thanks! Too bad it refuses to stay on my head when I try to put it on this way, as opposed to in the back of my head...
HoneyBunny on June 18
Wow, such a fab post! Love it and thanks for sharing! :*
CoedUgly on June 18
Glad you like it! Hope it helped!
igotsteeth on June 18
love these posts and just love color! Thanks for these because I really like your interpretations, they're so good!
CoedUgly on June 18
I'm glad you like them! I hope they help. :)
BenitaGarlim on June 18
love the bright red beret and the blazer from the last pic, it goes well with the vibrant colored flower dress
CoedUgly on June 21
Thanks! I really do love berets. ^_^

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