surviving the clubs part 1

Updated on May 11, 2008

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Le_Trix on May 21
I had to read this out loud to my co-worker... I couldn't make it through w/o laughing!!
tomoyopop on May 19
Man, I wish you could see the clubbing scene in Seoul. Soooooo not like this. Granted, there are some fashion don'ts but... not to the degree that it is done in the States, and the fashion don'ts always have some degree of effort. The States has to be one of the worst-dressed/unstylish places in the world (especially in California). An extremely sobering and saddening revelation.
lulu on May 19
LOL. Oh no! Well, if it makes you feel any better. It feel a lot worse on this end.
j_e_n on May 18
Girl, you always crack me up with your posts. Love it. Keep them coming! ;)
lulu on May 19
Thank you!
nonorientable on May 12
i hate leopard print.
kirstylee on May 12
hilarious! i hate it when you go somewhere and everyone looks so fucking bad. it's almost impossible to have a good time. it offends the eyes!
lulu on May 19
My trick is to just keep drinking until everyone gets better looking.

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