What to Wear When Chillin With the Guys

Updated on Jul 17, 2009

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tingting1412 on February 19
RAJacobe on January 01
I love the print of your skirt! Cool skirt. :D
natalia_ on December 29
Amazing outfit! You have inspired me to get a skirt like that. I loved your little anecdote too! Chic voted and faved =)
filipina on December 29
love the post! thanks!
lillyadams790 on September 29
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sewsewsew on December 18
i'm in love with that skirt!
zhcsyra_hp on August 25
omg love ur shoes ,.we have same shoes but i'v yellow one,.
denisedenies on July 31
i like your shoes
perfume on July 27
i agree with taylortrimphantt, i think that most likely, chillin with the guys would require something less feminine and more comfortable. don't get me wrong, i absolutely love the look, maybe not for the occasion of hanging out with boys.
anonymours on July 23
skirts ARE awesome. if ppl wore them more often in my school, that would be SO MUCH BETTER. :) this post was nice ;)
lemon on July 22
i absolutely love this post. so true. ++++
BirchandMahogany on July 20
First, love your outfit! Second, I liked the rah rah, feel good tone of this post. Very nice, and feeling good about yourself is ALWAYS chic. Some of your points were excellent (unique = GREAT!), but I'm inclined to agree with some posters that hanging with boys is about mixing chic-ness with functionality-- you don't want to be the girl who cant play Frisbee b/c of her dress and heels.
akijo on July 19
love this! chic point :)
coldlight on July 18
i think this is a sweet and honest post but i don't entirely agree with some things, like the what not to wear part. i think it really depends on the occasion- i know that if i was just going to a guy's house to watch movies or mucking around at a park with a bunch of guys i'd much prefer to be wearing shorts & a tshirt rather than a long skirt & heels! for me that's still both casual and chic :)
RazzleDazzleMe on July 18
I love your article. I was always criticized in high school for being a girly girl with all guy friends. Most of the guys loved the way I dress, some even went to the store a few times with me.
fashiongeometry on July 18
the skirt, i love!
vero29 on July 18
love this photo!!
FrockAndRollDoll on July 18
I really love this post, and your outfit. my chic vote. xo
strawberrt on July 17
this post was so inspiring. the next time i walk out the door, i'll be thinking "you're beautiful and gorgeous"!
Catherinee on July 17
Hahah, I love all of your posts! They're funny and inspiring. But it's true, I guess, I do get compliments from guys when I wear something a little unexpected. And guys seem to love "different" shoes, haha.
melareyes on July 17
love the skirt and the shoes!
Midge on July 17
I'm lovingggg that skirt
beth_ragle on July 17
I <3d the Disney Channel comment!!! But I don't see the sin in jeans and a T. Wearing skirts or heels while hanging out with the guys would make me feel WAY out of place.
BirdsandBees on July 17
And haha, I love your blog post! :) Very well written.
BirdsandBees on July 17
I love this skirt! So different
paulinabelle on July 17
i love your vintage skirt! i agree with you, thanks for the advice! i find that guys are wayy less critical than girls about what im wearing, and that they sometimes think its "cool" if its interesting. sometimes theyll even belike "i really like your dress. but no guys ever told me he likes me jeans shorts, haha
Speedbump on July 17
Totally agree. My guy friends (who aren't into fashion at all) definitely notice when I wear something unexpected. I think they're more weirded out than anything, but not in a negative way, at least!

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