How to get ready in 5 minutes

Updated on Jul 29, 2009

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MichelleElainePC on August 06
I keep forgetting to purchase the Ojon Dry Shampoo! I need it in my life! BTW Your hair looks amazing for just getting out of bed.
TRUSTtheGIRLS on July 31
love your post! i should try a dry shampoo aswell. sometimes your hair looks so different in the morning than what you expected haha.
djcrn3 on July 30
A very cute outfit,and the knee socks do pull it together nice!
nancywanted on July 30
Hey guys, so my oxfords are from Steven Madden about a year old. Sadly the day that these were taken my friends dog ate my shoe.. literally it ate it. So I had to buy replacement oxfords that Steve Madden is selling on their site right now. I dont like them as much as my original ones but they'll have to do
maggiemay on July 30
so true! dressing in 5 mins is easier in the summer then winter! change the socks fior tights though...
grenouillee on July 30
casual chic
lydia on July 30
You are too adorable. I love the socks+oxfords. Always a good call :D
nataliejade on July 30
i really should invest a two pairs of and brown are just the right colours too..... lucky you have got semi- afro hair the whole dry shampoo thing dont quite work for me?! lol. great advice though. my saturday morning work like that! on tip organise your outfit the night before so all you have to do is pull it on in the morning.
elysiamann on July 30
love this! where are your oxfords from?
myfrienddiana on July 30
love the oxfords! if you don't mind me asking, where are they from?
Guatencanta on July 30
wow this is a good hin! thnx nancy!
classietrashie on July 30
Aw I love this article. Although I'm generally good at waking up on time, this gives me an excuse to sleep in. And thanks for the product tips. I'm going to have to try that Ojons - I use baby powder which just makes my hair look white aha
Caaatherine on July 30
love this! thanks for the tips-- i've never actually thought of using knee highs regularly.. will have to try that out with the oxfords!
superniknok on July 29
so rad! love it!
styleaddicted on July 29
hehe love it. 5 mins dressing in summer is easier than winter tho!!!
nancywanted on July 29
Yeah I know. Me dressing in 5 minutes during the winter.. it can get pretty ugly.
CherryBlossomGirl on July 29
haha this is so hat i do at least 3 times a week.
SGirrrlll on July 29
ughh, speed dressing=story of my life. and i agree, i would much prefer to be late for a class rather than be on time in sweats and a college sweatshirt.
kthrn on July 29
lol. you look great for a late waker.
SmilefortheCamera on July 29
Hahaha thanks for the tips, it really helps. I can never seem to rush...
nancywanted on July 29
Same here! My mom always said I didn't understand the meaning of urgency
ivywang on July 29
Hahaha I speed dress all the time before class.

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