Updated on Aug 11, 2009
united colors of benetton t-shirt - vintage from Paris vest - from london shorts
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franloiacono 's Thoughts:

My new vest! lol I bought it in Paris in a nice vintage shop for only five euros, so i like it even more! I think this brighter vest can give different shades to my outfits, that’s why i bought it, even if i was kinda of doubtful at first lol In this one, i think the vest gave some kind of country vibe, don’t you think? lol

I’ve been tagged by Swals so i’m gonna write 5 things about me, i’ve done something similar in the past, but since are “only” 5 points, i’ll try my best! I won’t tag anyone among my Chictopians friends, but feel free to do it, i think it’s nice to know more about us! :)

01 I live in Italy; in some weeks i’m gonna move to Florence, even if my dream is to live in Paris/France or Tokyo. I lived in France for a while and i visited Tokyo two times. I enjoy travelling, since i was six i visited several countries: Spain, England, Wales, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Holland. I’d love to go to New York. :)

02 I do love photography and painting, as now i couldn’t think of my life without them. Since i was a child i always enjoyed drawing, later I started painting by myself and finally I began attending a School of Fine Arts (4 years), that’s where i learned that photography could be more and a way to express myself.

03 Despite some exhibitions and such, I never had great fortune. Now i hope to become a teacher (Graphic Design and Photography) that’s something I enjoy too, ’specially working with kids and their ideas. :)

04 The first time that you’re gonna meet me you’ll think of me as a cold, insensitive, bad person. But if i like you, the second time would be totally different…!

05 I think i’m atheist.

Since i never told a lot about my work as a painter or photographer (i don’t like to refer as me in that way, not even artist lol), i think i’m gonna show something here, hope everyone one would enjoy :)

See ya :)

Comments (19)

HoneyBunny on August 19
You look great, but wow look how talented you are! Love your work<3
dyg on August 14
floralsandpeacocks on August 13
This is a great outfit. And I love the other photos you shared, you are very talented!
elmajoy on August 12
chic look &lovely art stay inspired :) <3
UnoCosa on August 12
dear... just read the blog - so wonderful you are sharing your work here - i think you should start your own blog - i am in the process of doing that for the reason to be able to share a little more in-dept about creative process and all ... as i would love to know about the last 2 works of yours and how you approached, like is it photo/paint montage or photo-manipulation or paint only??
ThomasWylde on August 12
Love the boots
mila on August 12
oh i love the vest!!!!
jeroy on August 12
such a cute vest!! i love the color,
ellabelle on August 11
i like the color (and buttons) of your vest. your art is really amazing and you're so talented!!! you should post photos/paintings more often. hmm maybe i'll do the 5 points thing in my next post...
districtofchic on August 11
I lived in Paris for a year and would love to live there again. I miss it so much. I really love the color of your vest and the color combo of you look.
inKARLcerating on August 11
OH SHOCKSSSSSSSSSS.. amazing paintings.. B, yer amazing. this is so unexpected! wow. brilliant
inKARLcerating on August 11
white vest?? wow! u lke kids heehee ..
asailorwentto_sea on August 11
This is just great. The boots/shorts combo give off a relaxed vibe. I liiiiiike it!
Etceteravs on August 11
all right boy! i'm jealous! your 5 things are more interesting! :) and i'm kinda +1 for number 5 too... anyways, i really liked to see a brighter color on you which is unusual, except shirts but this looks really nice. it is gonna look even better on a black shirt :) and wow you are talented... i can't choose but i think the last is my favorite... and this is a favorite post for me too...
Ivey on August 11
I like youe shorts
Guatencanta on August 11
the new vest rocks!! interesting to get to know you and dont worry-> future will give you the oportunities to archive happiness in whatever you'll do! have fun and please keep painting! i love the first one!!!!
classietrashie on August 11
I love the summery feel of the linen pieces. That cropped length of that vest seems so different from what you usually wear, but like always, you wear it well. And OMG, giraffes are my favorite animals and so I am in love with your art. It's hard to believe so much talent is stuffed in that tiny body of yours!
UnoCosa on August 11
dear... i have not time to read (but will do so in the evening as it seems quite interesting :-)...just a quick vote and tell you that i adore the mixture of colors.... xoxo
candydoll on August 11
I love that vest!!! Oh I love the 1-3 out of 5 things about you hahaha!!! I love traveling too! :)
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