CHIC CASTING: W29 Showroom

Updated on Aug 05, 2008

Comments (6)

joanna on August 06
this casting sounds so fun! but too bad i'm way to short lol
lindarrr on August 05
i wanna go to NYC!!
rainelyn on August 05
uhm this is awesome/not so awesome because i live in bklyn BUT am going away on vacation on FRIDAY. HM.
rainelyn on August 06
HM I cannot read. wed/thurs= not friday. wow me.
EverybodyIsUgly on August 05
You act like Brkln is like more than just a 45 min commute to the city
hippiehoppie on August 05
oh wow... that sounds like so much fun... i wish i lived in NYC.
ageofconsent on August 05
I thought it was you in the pic at first!
EverybodyIsUgly on August 05
Linda is like the taller, skinnier version.
eve on August 05
well i can't participate coz i live in Asia. poor me... Hahaha... Maybe next time you go to asia to meet some fashionista in here!

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