Back-to-School: (You are) what you eat

Updated on Sep 08, 2009

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Laydi_Tomoe on September 05
Really helpful. Us college students totally do this. Altough, in my case, I need to save up money on food to spend it on copies, books, and transportation. Man... College life is hard.
allicinwonderland on May 13
anonymours on September 10
nice photo shots ;o
queenelizabeth on September 09
that first photo is making me so hungry, i love weird food combos like nobody's business. And I definitely do the mental "" game a lot when buying food...and clothing usually wins. :P
CoedUgly on September 10
Haha, same here on the food-vs-clothing point. Hence why I'm totally cheap when it comes to food. :)
umyeahno on September 09
it's always fun to walk around costco for the free samples! Sometimes it's my lunch!
_holic on September 08
i'm living right next to the dining hall haha hope i don't sneak over there too much ;)

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