How to wear heels (and not hate yourself)

Updated on Oct 09, 2009

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4everUSMC on May 02
Grace_F on April 02
or know your comfort level, i love to wear high high heels, but I can't walk in I just go with 2 1/2 inch least I can walk right and not wanting to go home so I can get rid of my killer shoes.
Style_Journey on October 26
wow, l love all of them!! :)))) :X:X
LowerEastSideDarling on October 14
Great advice :) what about if the area near my ties hurt? Does that mean I'm distributing the weight incorectly when I walk? Idk I've always had issues with heels I'm only 16 but I think it's vital that a woman learns her walk early on in life [:
darlingniki on October 27
or she could mean "thighs" as well because that always hurts when i wear heels :)
Speedbump on October 15
I'm going to assume that you mean "toes" instead of "ties" since the latter doesn't make much sense. I think the ball of foot cushions should help with toe pain too. However, it could also mean that your shoes are the wrong size or are too narrow in the front. This happens especially with higher heels. Maybe practice with 2.5" heels first and work your way up. And make sure your shoes fit!
saywhat on October 11
awesome, thanks wendy! I'm a high-heel complainer, so I think I'll give them another shot. i love tip posts, so bring them on if you've got more! btw- just want to say that I appreciate that you make your name at the end a link to your chictopia account. Small detail, but I often find mysellf searching everywhere to get to a blogger's actual account! :)
Speedbump on October 15
Thanks, glad you like it! :) We love feedback (especially if it's positive)!
faa on October 10
this post is really useful wendy, thank you! i went out to get insoles for my heels and gonna try them for my night out tonight!
name_sake on October 09
awesome advice and cute shoes!!
libys11 on October 09
im loving this post!!! i can totally relate to having a hard time with heels!!! ive been trying to know what good insoles are there in the market! this helped me a lot! thanks! :D
CoedUgly on October 09
You're welcome! I like Dr. Scholl's insoles because although they are a bit pricier than random-brand ones, they stick better to your shoe. Nothing is more annoying than insoles sliding around all the time, trust me!

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