WTF: Things I don't understand

Updated on Aug 14, 2008

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bjkdAnc3r on March 11
<3333 love these.
jeffsy on January 11
I love love love!
poorandweird on December 28
ahhh the belt issue is one that annoys me no end! thanks for the blog, it made me giggle.
dress on October 16
oh did i get a chuckle. you should have done a really bad cropping of a huge bon fire with said items in it. mm.... or not.
mme_brassens on September 25
I like cropped shrugs but only with certain strap dresses. What I hate right now is oversized cardigans, especially the too-thin-to-be-of-any-use-against-cold ones. If you visit Spain -that's where I'm from- in the next 5 years, I guess you will still see those boots everywhere, combined with miniskirts and massive amounts of gold jewelery. Yuck.
MissJuice on August 19
I'm going to have to speak out in defence of the belts over shirts. As a girl with a bit of a chest, fitted shirts and high waisted skirts emphasize the size of the bust in a way that makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. Looser shirts will hang down over the widest part and make the waist look much bigger then it is. A belt or sash aleviates this effect.
EverybodyIsUgly on August 21
we have the article for you:
kayli on August 16
ughhh i hate those boots! i just don't find them flattering at all! PLUS they squish your toes. ouch. LOL. even worse than the cropped shrug, the cropped zip-up sweatshirt/jacket/hoodie top that's skin tight. its half a hoodie! :P
EverybodyIsUgly on August 19
Oh yes, I was considering putting up the "people who wear hoodies like a shirt but it's really not a shirt" thing too
agooddictator on August 16
The Pouchette-- it's like they were made for "azn babies." These replaced backpacks at school...back when I was in eighth grade.
EverybodyIsUgly on August 19
My ex boyfriend's new gf wears it. She's asian. She sucks.
rikit on August 15
wow haha. now these things are awful on you or me, but the cropped shrug and belted shirt actually serves purpose to flatter certain body types....i think.
EverybodyIsUgly on August 19
Mm I think that is the "idea"
hannahcheeto on August 15
I completely agree. I have been wondering the same things myself.
j_e_n on August 14
LOL! my friends actually bought me that LV bag for my 23rd birthday or something! I used it only once! I also have that shrug and I sometimes still wear it over my tube dresses! Is it really not okay anymore!? :( Sadness.
j_e_n on August 19
YAY! :)
EverybodyIsUgly on August 19
Special exception for you jen :)
Tali on August 14
i mean i think people do the belt over the shirt thing to try to "accentuate their waist" not sticking up for it, just trying to understand it..shrugs are dumb. esp short sleeves ones. but once again i think the idea was to elongate the torso and probably cover your outfit WITHOUT covering your outfit...which never makes sense.
EverybodyIsUgly on August 14
Good point. Although I suppose some appropriate darting would serve the same function. I also dont understand why one wouldn't just wear something highwaisted and belt the skirt. Not the shirt. *shrugs*. No pun intended.
LadySmaggle on August 14
look, I'm inclined to agree with all but the shrug. I find shrugs are great for not ruining an awesome outfit because you're cold. Although I prefer softer cardigans not quite so sturctured.
EverybodyIsUgly on August 14
But you choose to wear a cardigan instead!
SteelCloset on August 14
I thought all girls boots came in the pointed stiletto variety. The other option is military boots? I agree with the cropped shrug. Have you ever seen those cropped hoodies? Haha. And I the belt over the shirt thing is supposed to create a slimming effect. I guess it only works if the shirt is kinda big. And for clutches? I dunno. Why have purses, says the men.
patriciao on August 14
haah funny post. the reason why i think girls wear those pouchy things is because its cheaper to have the pouchy and still have the label without forking over hundreds for the purse or tens for the knckoff
EverybodyIsUgly on August 14
They should buy a real bag.
Maddi on August 14
I so agree with you, I think sadly enough these people really dont know better, or they have too many of these kind of dressers around them and they get kinda brainwashed from it. I used to be afraid to become like that when I lived in a spanish city overcrowded with them..The brands have to keep making it(I talk about the pointy shoes and the bags especially)because they are the bestsellers..
EverybodyIsUgly on August 14
Yes. Imo it works both ways. Many people behave like this, but hopefully they do it with trends that are flattering on the body.
prettypirate on August 14
are you all saying that if one of these things was the "NEW" super trend at any time, you would still hate it? I'm not saying any of these things are great or not, but In my opinion this site is really trendy and if one of these things became ultra trendy, I think it would be a whole different story. And yes that is just my humble opinion. I still enjoy pointy shoes, but in the right way.
EverybodyIsUgly on August 14
Yes. And I believe these were all "new" trends at one point. And I found them unattractive then as well. Not all trends are meant to be embraced.
thesundaybest on August 14
Brilliant. But you forgot to coordinate it into an outfit. Cropped shrug + t-shirt two sizes too small + sweatpants with band turned over + Uggs = priceless.
Maeko on August 19
UGH. The quintessential So-Cal outfit a la Paris, LC, and awful stupid girls who tan too much and look like they OD'd on beta carotene.
strewn on August 14
haha, i agree with all of these. especially the belt over a shirt that doesn't really need a belt. i hateeeee this look. i hate seeing people with this look. my friends and i have long conversations about how wrong it looks.
Bonnie on August 14
Oh my goshhhh, all of these are annoying and ugly, but the one that really gets me, is the belt. WHY? simply, why? I just want to give fashion lessons when i see someone wearing that.
mchole on August 14
i will agree with you and everyone else on the boots. i don't know why people still make or wear them. they're pretty awful and usually make the wearers look trassshhyyy.
Le_Trix on August 14
also, I've seen a woman wearing the woven shirt with attatched self belt at the waist that was wearing denim with... another belt. DOUBLE BELTING!!?? One at the waist and one at the hips. WHY-IIIEEEE?!? Hahaha... well at least is makes me feel really good about myself as I judge silently... (evil)
powderblue on August 14
Oh my god. Double belting. The horror!!
Le_Trix on August 14
It's depressing, that's what it is.
EverybodyIsUgly on August 14
That's incredible.
Le_Trix on August 14
to understand my wording or to understand how this could happen? Essentially a woman was wearing a woven shirt like the one pictured above (that has a self belt) THEN she was wearing a pair of jeans that (I can only guess) required a belt. So we had a belt at the waist AND a belt on the pants. DOUBLE BELTING!
EverybodyIsUgly on August 14
I had to read that twice to understand.
Le_Trix on August 14
I'm not kidding. I read this post and moments later walked into my work hallway only to see... BAM!!! .... a girl I work with walk by wearing the LV pouchette!! I almost spit my coffee everywhere. As for using this bag to carry make-up? It's sooo small for even that!!! Poor little itty bitty baby bag.
EverybodyIsUgly on August 14
lol GOOD. Im glad this happened. Actually, that was exactly the type of thing I had in mind when I made this.
withmuchaplomb on August 14
God I agree with everything. Especially the boots! I hate pointy toe boots like that, hate them! And all cropped things should be burned.
cadburyhero on August 14
does belt over dress/tunic count? haha! cos some of my dresses aren't body-hugging and they tend to make me look like 'paper'!
EverybodyIsUgly on August 14
if the belt is actually serving a purpose than it doesn't count.
princessMLim on August 14
hahaha. pouchettes as bag? really. WTF. i guess it's the closest thing to a designer handbag they could afford so they try to make it work. KIDDING. haha but seriously, im just kidding. hehe but it's really a supernono
EverybodyIsUgly on August 14
You know you're not kidding. You don't gotta lie to kick it.
brgttplff on August 14
i've ALWAYS hated cropped shrugs, or cropped cardigans or cropped anything. and i still see it everywhere. :(
itsTheJourney on August 14
I agree 100%! (man those boots are ugly :S) and congrats to actually remembering about Chumbawumba :P
EverybodyIsUgly on August 14
MichelleYue on August 14
The first picture made me laugh.
Rebekka on August 14
Haha, I totally agree. Especially the jeans tucked in to the stiletto boot, which I feel like I see all the time. I'm cringing just thinking about it
anitadb on September 15
ok.. *deep breath* i have to come out. I wear crocs. To work. I know, i know, it's horrible. I thought i could have stopped anytime, but i can't. At least not alone. I think i need a rehab.
EverybodyIsUgly on August 14
Crocs confuse me. but I think in a different way.
Tali on August 14
hmmm. take a trip to north cackatacky. You'll see a lifetimes worth of the beloved crocs. Oh not to mention the burbs in NY.
EverybodyIsUgly on August 14
Yeah, I tried to find things that people actually wear all the time. I don't see people wearing things like Crocs (except for old men) too much. So its so easy to hate on.

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