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Updated on Aug 19, 2008

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thesundaybest on August 21
Just noticed that three people voted on these photos, and the average is "Ok." Considering the nature of the post, I wonder what they were thinking.
jaebu on August 21
lol. i love it when i see girls doing the "scoot" in heels because they're so uncomfortable/untrained with walking in them. my motto is "if you can't rock in them, don't walk in them"
tickledpinkk on August 20
i love how the barefooted girl isn't even holding heels in her hands
thesundaybest on August 20
Just enjoying a stroll on the city streets...
MissJuice on August 20
You don't know how uncomfortable the shoes are until you've worn them for a few hours, but pain>contracting some skeezy disease from the street.
thesundaybest on August 20
I would think, unless you have some moral reservation about it, that you could simply return them.
WinkPeaceAndPout on August 20
great post! are those heels made out of chocolate?
lulu on August 20
Haha I KNOW.
fashionlolita on August 20
These are funny!
enc on August 19
I see girls who aren't adept at walking in heels mincing all over the city sidewalks, and I wonder: do they know they're mincing?
enc on August 21
could they possibly think they're not being seen?
thesundaybest on August 20
I just wonder if they think no one else notices...
prettypirate on August 19
This time around I must agree on all points. My biggest pet peeve is the "can't walk in heels phenomenon". I was just having this talk with a high powered, beautiful, client of mine and she brought up a great point. The main issue is cheap heels, they aren't ergonomically correct, hence being unable to walk properly.
thesundaybest on August 20
Then someone needs to make heels women can afford and walk in. I suppose women have been complaining about that a lot longer than I have.
triplyksis on August 19
haha a maimed ostrich! Too funny! I too cringe when I see people wear gauchos...not a great sight.
Tali on August 19
couldn't agree more about that women walking in heels...stumbling happens..looking like a tortured giraffe shouldn't..
jenini on August 19
gaucho pants are sooo gauche. it's even in the name. heinous. and yes. whenever i see people walking around the city barefoot i want to gag. i sometimes feel bad for my dog having to walk around with no protection on her feet.. but she has callouses.. made for that sort of thing. we as humans... don't.
EverybodyIsUgly on August 19
I used to know a girl who considered gaucho pants her "fancy" pants

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