Heels: A love story

Updated on May 19, 2008

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bkgurl36 on January 27
i love these shoes
Ayaka on November 03
they're all gorgeous!
4everUSMC on May 05
TheStylishWanderer on May 28
I really like the black booties though
EverybodyIsUgly on May 28
Oh yeah, the first two are high heels! They are meant to be fierce ;)
TheShoeGirl on May 24
Barf. You are so right! I detest kitten heels with a passion. Even the term kitten heel gives me the willies.
kirstylee on May 20
truly awful. they're probably not even easy to walk in. if i'm going to balance on such a tiny heel i want to gain AT LEAST 4" in height.
EverybodyIsUgly on May 20
dibi on May 20
That last pair is particularly ugly. But that reminds me... Some 7-8 years ago (!) i used to own a pair of Miu Miu kitten heels in chardonnay red with taupe detail and little string bows. And you know what.. they were lovely! i even wore them with fishnets and a trashy jean skirt. and they still worked! so there's kitten heels and kitten heels..
EverybodyIsUgly on May 27
These are a simply meant to be a satirical look at modern fashion. I think the best solution is to upload your own photos and prove us wrong. If you are personally offended, that is one thing. But do's and don't make the world go round.
lawlessone on May 25
i'm not entirely understanding the kitten-heel hate here either. yes, the pair chosen to illustrate are ghastly, but kitten-heels often TOTALLY WORK as proven by audrey hepburn, jean seburg, jane birkin, jackie o and countless others. fashion rules, fashion dos and don'ts....now those are terms that give me the "willies."
EverybodyIsUgly on May 20
Haha I trust you, but I'm going to see pictures. :P
fashionpirates on May 19
oh man, they look like someone forgot to add another couple inches to them. such a waste.
heylove on May 19
i agree. go big or go home. kitten heels are for dumpy women who want desperately to be just a smidge taller...
loulouisa on May 19
i agree. you are 100% right! Who actually WEARS kitten heels?? maybe when you are 13 and just getting started with the whole heel business, but apart from that....ik!
prettypirate on May 28
It really depends on the heel, some of us aren't 5'6. If you happen to be a tall women like myself, kitten heels are a great way to dress up without looking like a amazon lady. The ones pictured here are horrid, I have some great pairs that I wear mostly with wide legged trousers in the winter. I love high heels as well, but don't always feel like being 6'3 when I go out.

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