Guest blogger: Lydia

Updated on Aug 26, 2008

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curvyfashionista on December 12
Loving the blue..nice!!
Portiajanes on April 29
Lydia your so amazing=] im super curvy and often dont feel comfortable cause of my size but you have really helped me! thankyou so much xx
BrittanyLee on March 26
So cute! I love you in royal blue!
rebecca_christink on April 01
hey hun- totally went to camp Way way back in the day with you in BC- you are absoloutly adorbale.
Grrrr on September 09
Lydia you are so gorgeous!
MariMaria on August 30
kudos lydia , you're outfits are always great! c'est magnifique
thesundaybest on August 28
You are awesome.
MuffinTop on August 27
I've always loved seeing Lydia's smile. I must commend Chictopia for considering girls of other shapes. Truth be told this place used to intimidate me a bit 'cause everyone here are fashion model skinny. The outfit is cute but I'll never have legs like that to pull it off. haha. So a sincere thanks to Lydia and Chictopia.
LiviNZ on August 27
this is awesome! :D And you're so cute.
lydia on August 27
Thank you everyone for all the sweet comments! You're too kind =D
AlinaL on August 26
love the crop top statement! and the 2nd outfit was my fav.
Faithieee on August 26
Really awesome to see you here as a guest blogger Lydia! :) I love your outfits, specially the blue dress, black dress with red scarf and the white top with a bow and checked skirt! :)
powderblue on August 26
You're fabulous :)
rikit on August 26
loved this post!
russylohan on August 26
i love all these looks!!!
cherichictopia on August 26
great post! your outfit suits you so well!
swinginthelobby on August 26
lydia, you're awesome! great post and fabulous photos.
Snowshoe on August 26
fabulous post! kudos to lydia for such a well written guide! definitely was much needed. lydia you are superlatively cool.
annaiscloset on August 26
i love the third outfit because your scarf is great!
prettypirate on August 26
Finally a real woman! I feel as though most of the people on here are about 21 and size 0. It's refreshing to see this post in the mist of all the tini ladies. Curvy women are beautiful and look great in all the things lydia mentioned. Thanks Lydia for the write up and thanks Chictopia for realizing this was much needed!
katrinadew on August 26
i loove how lydia is a guest blogger :) she's always commenting on everyone's pictures and giving great advice, you're awesome lydia ;)
bexlea on August 26
Yay this is a much needed post! All your outfits looks great! And you have a beautiful smile! :)
triplyksis on August 26
I love this post! Great write up!
mandavogue on August 26
Thanks so much for writing this, Lydia...I'm your pear-y sister, and this post gave me some great, chic ideas...though you did forget one more pear-shaped no-no: daisy dukes!
lydia on August 26
Haha, I suppose that's true. But i'm pretty sure that the right person could make them look sweet though....
LovelyBold on August 26
seriously, I love this post. Thank you for spreading the confidence, and like I've said before, you're my inspiration when I come on this site! :)
Nanny on August 26
Thanks so much, Lydia! The part about the confidence couldn't be repeated often enough!
avenus on August 26
love this post! and i so agree that confidence is such a key. i think it's the main factor that makes going through her pictures so fun!
rainelyn on August 26
im such a fan of lydias. how darling is she seriously!! very well thought out post!
ester on August 26
go lydia!
BellandBean on August 26
such a needed post, love her and her outfits!
CoverMe on August 26
I enjoy your posts, but this is one of your best!
fashion_mindset on August 26
Lydia, I love this post. I've got an hourglass figure, and it's really hard finding clothes for my proportions. It seems like all fashionistas out there are waifs with no curves, so I get frustrated. You prove that wrong! :]
KellyJoy on August 26
great entry! those outfits are super flattering. i especially like the last one--the jeans are perfect fitting.
anitadb on August 26
i'm in love

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