Updated on Jan 07, 2010
white Misaky shirt - black vintage from Paris vest - black Npfeel jacket - black
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franloiacono 's Thoughts:

Do your friends love your style? Your way of dressing?
I think mine don’t lol Even if lot of times they ask me for advices about dressing or purchasing something, when I try harder on me, wearing something out of the line, they usually don’t like… It’s a bit depressing, also because sometimes they took away from me the way of trying something new. Luckly there’s Chictopia :D Where I receive other advices and suggestions, and other members who are so creative that inspire me!
About that…Florence is more open minded about fashion, so I feel more free when I have to dress…that’s why I miss Florence a bit now lol I want to try all the things I bought! Anyhow I’ll be back in Florence in few days…

It’s been a while since I didn’t post some music links…so….Dashboard Confessional new single is out, but right now I’ve this song stuck in mind!! ;D

Comments (27)

harleyquinnnnn on September 18
Oh man, great vest choice!!!
TomekaSolomon on January 10
You're so HAUTE!!
KristaniA on January 10
very sharp! i love the vest! cant go wrong with anything from paris, right? ;)
mila on January 10
oh wow I love this! Brilliant!
youngbones on January 09
love ! especially your vest and tie.
samanthasays on January 09
aww it's hard when others don't understand your fashion. i guess that's the whole point of this site. for creative stylistas like you to express yourself. i for one think you're awesome. keep it up. :)
Kamicha on January 09
Thanks for the comment! Haha, I love every single one of your looks, sinister preppy!
callscorner on January 09
this vest is wayy nice :) those pants tooo love it!
Modemoiselle on January 09
i love your vest! you're so chic
xMFDF on January 09
My friends always ask why I'm so dress up or do I have a date. lol I love this outfit!
xx0hhemgeexx on January 08
i love this, especially the vest. My friends think the way I dress is crazy. They'd rather be in sweatpants :( Chictopia is so great.
UnoCosa on January 08
1st, thank you 4 the lovely words on my blog!!! 2nd, i totally know what you were saying. it is how most of my friends felt about me blogging. they thought i was quite ridiculous :-))) haha! anyway, love the wideleg pants! have a great weekend, xx
Kangah on January 08
Great, love the vest. Very clean and stylish!! Love!
Ribena on January 08
This is such a nice crisp look! I agree that the city or town that you are in can make a big difference in whether you take risks with your style...but since you always look really good you should keep trying to be fearless wherever you are!
chubbylumpkin on January 08
I love that vest! it is very eye-catching! I have the same problem with my friends. They think things I wear are a little strange.
lizmoura on January 08
i agree with you 100%, 'cause i live in brazil and know exactly what you're talking about, that's why i'm still shy about posting some pic yet, ok shame on me! haha., but let me tell you that once and again you surprise me with an awsome look. do me a favor, don't listen those unconstructive criticism and keep on doing this amazing job. trust us a bit ok? ;)
lizmoura on January 08
i promise you i'll, since my new camera arrive form the US, then i'll have no excuse anymore haha., you're always welcome and believe me, everytime i suspect you're down about something like this i'll give you a piece of optimism to go on ;)
Style_Journey on January 08
cute preppy outfit! love the plaid vest and blazer
Nikka_D on January 08
chic! <3
elizabethmd on January 07
I love your sweater. How could anyone not love your style?
KelleyAnne on January 07
Wow, great vest! You should dress for yourself. I'm sorry to hear that your friends aren't more appreciative of your awesome style and risk taking. I love your sense of style.
plparayno on January 07
bravo senor! so chic! i love your jumper. the print is so quirky and it gives the ensemble that umph! x
CourtneyElizabeth on January 07
Awesome sweater. I like the different colored stripes.
mariezee on January 07
Great outfit! I love the checkered sweater vest : )
liluchious on January 07
Love ur VEST!! very CHIC!!
aivanmagno on January 07
AMAZING VEST! Very tricky to the eye!
classietrashie on January 07
I understand what you're saying in your blog. Sometimes people just dont get it. But fashion is about being creative, and having your own style means that you are creative and a risk taker. Plus, all your "friends" on Chictopia LOVE your style, so you can't say your friends don't like yours. I really love that vest - the bold pattern and contrasting orange stripe. You make wearing ties look fun
BethanyD on January 07
Love your vest!
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