Sweater Guards 101

Updated on Jan 28, 2010

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barrylou on December 26
those sweaters are SO emma ;d
Redchyna on October 19
I freakin love Emma!! She wears the cutest sweaters. I didn't know that's what they were called, great post.
fruti on September 23
This is so cute! I want a sweater guard now :)
blumoon on April 26
so cute if u hadnt pointed it out i wouldnt have noticed i love emmas quirky modern grandma style. glee is also my guilty pleasure
Pink_Champagne on April 03
i love these. have been wearing them for ages! =)
goodmorningheartache on March 17
omg, I never noticed that's what Emma's wearing in glee :D haha..i love her character even more for introducing "sweater guards" to us ignorant people!
cuppateamachine on March 08
sweater guards?? wow, I've never heard or notice them before until now haha. but now I'm interested and kind of want them. especially those heart shaped ones. I think I want one with pearls and skulls too haha. I love the list of versatile uses for them. tres helpful :)
antoinettemarie on February 25
now i want some!
4everUSMC on February 25
Nice hair!
mon_petitchou on February 15
I love glee! These are great!
mehannah on February 14
haha i noticed these when i was watching glee, love them, sooo cute
style_bullet on February 12
you know, I never paid attention to this. looks kind of sweet. might have to try it. thanks!
vivalastyle on February 09
hahah this ones cute
the_ed on February 06
A vintage _and_ versatile accessory? Sign me up! Maybe a pair of these can help keep super-skinny straps from sliding off my shoulders.
rothwoman on February 05
Wow! I forgot about these! Love them!
idee_geniale on February 04
Yup, already own one and lloking for more! they're great!
PoppyDada on February 02
Ceeeuuute! I didn't know if the time was ripe to wear these again, but now I'm convinced. I'm gonna sport them all over town! Good one CoedUgly :)
ele26 on February 02
I love Emma Pillsbury's character! She's just so different but sweet!
passionfrootz on January 31
obsessed with cardys. love these
smiledivine on January 29
I LOVE those!!! I think I need some like the heart ones... these would be perfect for some of my cardis. Thanks for this!!!
paulinabelle on January 29
hmm, i never even knew these existed! i might have to get some now..
libys11 on January 28
oh wow!\!! those are pretty cool!!! :D
Kangah on January 28
Great, i actually have one and hopefully will be wearing it one of my outfits soon!
laurenmini on January 28
<3 awesome!
plastikneon on January 28
Ahh! This is such a great post! I love all the alternative uses, I need to go to a vintage shop asap <3 thank you so much for posting this!!!
PeachyPanda on January 28
oh i have two pairs i never really use, definitely using them now. she's so cute too!
thecadaver on January 28
I have a few of these, I use them mostly for number 6. Never knew they were called Sweater Guards though. Mine are just plain though, not nearly as cute as the hearts or bows.
lydia on January 28
Wow, I really need to start wearing these. I think I sumbliminaly noticed Miss Pilsbury wearing them, but I was busy thinking "She is so flippin' cute!" that I didn't fully comprehend. Lovely post, I'm going to start searching for pins and pieces to make some :D

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