How come you're dressed like a boy?

Updated on Jan 29, 2010

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LA_blog on September 28
Great MAN OUTFIT! Great great look! LA
Modefreundin on June 20
EricaWood on March 06
I think there are a lot of factors involved: 1. How I feel, If im feeling tired or want to feel comfy I'll put on some jeans with a slouchy top 2. If it is really hot I am more likely to dress like a beach boy 3. depends on the occasion. If im going to be active then I obviously wouldnt want to get my cutsy floral dress dirty. Maybe I think into things too much lol
nennen35 on February 06
it's fun to try masculine dress sometimes. :):)
for me, i think it's kind of giving people the finger. so maybe i walk a little taller... although. i do that when i get all dressed up, too... so maybe it's just a similar mentality getting dressed. i rock man shoes a lot, regardless. <3
thehautepursuit on February 02
hahah this is so funny. 'man outfit'. Well I'm there with you sister! I love a pair of skinny jeans and oversized shirt tucked in. I think it's also comfort for me. however I do love the androgynous look....
silvergloss on February 01
for me, I love how comfortable and warm guys clothes are - no lie, they're thicker than girls'! I used to steal my bro's clothes in middle school. now, since I don't have a bf to steal clothes from, I have to buy my own boys clothes, haha.. =)
Tho on February 01
haha~ I know where you're coming from. And people are jealous cause you can pull off the look and look gorgeous! ;]
ShopUgly on February 01
Nancy you are too cute for words.
electricEyes on January 31
loe the docs, always
Nikka_D on January 31
cute! <3
nancywanted on January 30
Woohooo! Thanks for the comments guys, going through and reading your thoughts on androgynous dress is so interesting. I should write them down so I can use one next time someone asks me. lol :)
audreyanne09 on January 30
While I personally glad that women are no longer forced to wear corsets and 50lbs of underwear under long skirts anymore, I still think there is a balance. You don't have to dress like a man to be equal to a man. We don't always have to dress frilly or girlie, sometimes converse are great and sometimes heels are. I just don't think there's any reason to dress like a guy.
subtleties on January 30
i guess sometimes i feel more comfortable dressing in a ''man'' outfit because other girls who are dressed more femininely wont be staring and ''comparing'' me to themselves. so in a sense, i suppose it provides a sort of liberation to not be put in a mould with the girly girls, but yet i feel stylishly dressed in a more unique way :)
thefieldsofelysium on January 30
(cont.) guess it made me want to distance myself from that as much as I could. Also, my bust is so small, I've always felt more male than female, in that respect -- never understood it when my friends complained about bra-sizing issues. Probably TMI, so I'll just stop here~
audreyanne09 on January 30
Yeah, I understand. I guess most people don't want to have anything to do with what was forced on them.
thefieldsofelysium on January 30
Love menswear/androgynous styles for a few reasons: I've always felt my personality (or behavioral/emotional tendencies) was split 50/50 -- half feminine, half masculine, in their traditional implications. If I go all psychoanalytical on myself -- my mother used to control me like crazy when I was a kid and made me wear such frilly dresses all the freakin' time....
TaylorSterling on January 29
love this! awesome boots and coat!!
libys11 on January 29
i actually like the androgynous blazers because they give structure to my body. i am a curvy girl and pieces like those provide angles and geometries to my body if i feel like it! teehee! :D
bay7 on January 29
I love the liberty girls have in wearing masculine clothing or girlie clothing whenever we want! If you saw a guy walking down the street in a dress, you'd go, "What's he on?" LOL! But a girl in a tie just looks cool.... ;)
kelseybeth on January 29
love this! love masculine dress. i think it's just a cool way to dress casual
fadetoblack on January 29
haha this is awesome!
jerricajaneen on January 29
love the shoes!
graceeshoe on January 29
smiledivine on January 29
Super!!! J'adore!!!

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