To Heel or Not to Heel

Updated on Mar 08, 2010

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ejack on October 24
mimoji on June 07
I wear heels to class very often. I actually started wearing them during the second half of my junior year in high school (I'm in college now). I think it actually made people take me MORE seriously, because it wasn't about being sexy or hot, it was about putting together a decent outfit, and it set me apart from the average students who all looked the same, not that that's an entirely bad thing!
karenjavier on May 05
i love yoyr shoes!
karenjavier on May 05
love it!
pyrofina on April 29
love this look. What i usually do is i where the heels i want to wear, but bring a pair of flip-flops, sandals or sneakers with me to change into when my feet start hurting.
chicmama on April 29
lovely outfit
raissa_03 on April 05
zombelle on March 16
I love those heels!
little_B_ on March 12
wow!!!! i really love it!!!
thistletoo on March 10
Personally, I just wear my docs all the time! Or I walk to school in flats and then change into my heels before I get to the library. In my experience, as long as you're confident people will take you seriously even if you're wearing stripper boots... but then my college is pretty tolerant.
lalalena on March 09
to heel!!
BadTasteToast on March 09
YES exactly! that is totally my problem with heels! how to practice walking in them without making a fool of myself ^_^ it's so good to know that I'm not the only one with this problem. I think everything up to 8 cm (I dunno how it is in inches) would probably be okay to uni?! anyway, I love the black wedges! :)
Venceslau on March 09
love the socks trend!
coldlight on March 09
i agree that heels can spruce up an outfit,but personally i dont think that heels are appropriate for school at all!thats because most heels make my feet hurt & i have to walk long distances most days,especially around campus.heels arent my style & i would feel overdressed!but i really do envy those who can walk in heels for long periods of time without pain!!if you are truly comfy then go for it!
splashofcolour on March 09
as someone who has to do a half hour walk to work each day and the same home again, I've found that wedged shoes are perfect for walking in. The shoes in your picture are one of the best examples of heels for walking. Or just take flats for the long walks and change. I really like the dress btw :)
sany on March 09
Look is co cute!! I agree with you that outfit can be improved with heels but I have the same problem,what's appropriate for school and I always change my outfit because of heels.And yes people stare in you,thinking you're overdressed and that's irritating.That's why I usualy choose flat shoes and boots....
mell on March 09
i loooveeeeee your shoes!!! and sweater!! so chic! i also want to wear heels to school, but sometimes i find myself staring at other girls who wear heels and think how they can walk in those shoes. because my school is huge and it's very tiring to just walk around in a super hot weather. and of course, who wouldnt be shocked, seeing a mathematic student wear heels to school? haha
whoa_nisha on March 08
cute :)
jazzyhwang on March 08
oh my goodness i've thought about this too but like you go for practicality (i don't even OWN a pair of heels...). but i think if you're going to wear heels, wear heels not those 1/2-inch stubs! boots/wedges would probably be the most practical out of the heels, but if you can rock six-inch heels i say go for it :D
nosillA on March 08
OMG, love the shoes.
ynez on March 08
Athletic type activities aside, I don't think there is really ever an Inappropriate time to wear heels. I wear heels to school all the time. As far as being taken seriously, I think that's ridiculous. Yea, people might write you off as an air head at first, but it's a perfect opportunity to break those stereotypes. Be the girl who have a 4.0 and wears heels.
SarahJaneR on March 08
I love the entire ensemble, from the amazing cardigan to the awesome jeffrey campbell wedges. I personally wear stilettos to class and don't really care. My classes are all in the same building, and there's nearby seating where I can wait between classes. A lot of people know me to be a biut overdressed for school, and some people do stare. As long as I'm comfy, I'm happy :) I never did like rules
trashion1 on March 08
Cute outfit,and nice shoes too!!
libys11 on March 08
WEDGES for now.. :D casual but chic! :D

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