How to clean your closet

Updated on Sep 12, 2008

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Ayaka on October 17
wow <3
11947 on September 18
These tips will help me clean my closet... something I've been meaning to do for months. :(
snowbunny on September 16
lulu you can hire me. i love to fold clothes and organize. lol~
EverybodyIsUgly on September 16
Haha if only my closet were large enough to house you.
plastikneon on September 14
Haha, i'm way too organized, but this will def. be helpful. (I have a storage box for out of season clothes; then drawers for certain things, and all the clothes in my closet or in an order....) Somehow, it's still a mess. : /
Tali on September 14
this is so necessary for my life, i have a slight obsession with organization and it saves A LOT of time to have everyting seperated. my closet is seperated by type and then color coordinated, like if its hot, i go to the shorts section, if its warm, the leggings section. yes im nuts but its seriously so helpful
EverybodyIsUgly on September 14
woah so intense. very admirable.
Tali on September 14
same thing for shoes, lace ups, then by color, pumps then by color. i just took one night and did it all, it was so worth it.
classytrash on September 13
i was JUST thinking about this! my best friend, aka domestic goddess, helped me, aka domestic dumbass, organize my closet & she gave me a ton of good ideas which COMPLETELY changed my life. literally. totally agreed on #1 too! i'm going to write up a lil sum sum soon about this.
EverybodyIsUgly on September 14
look forward to it!
brgttplff on September 13
fancy that, i just cleaned out my closet too! another tip that i use; is a month, i go through all my clothes and pick out items i haven't worn for the past few months and give them away. you'll have more room AND you'll feel great donating all your clothes. :)
EverybodyIsUgly on September 14
Oh yeah I used to purge my closet a lot. It is very satisfying.
sugarxnspice on September 13
WOW your shoes collection is amazinggggg!!
MellowKitty on September 12
i love the idea of putting shoe shelves! gah why didn't I think of it. what I do as well, is hang my belts on a hanger or one of those special belt holders to save space. now i have also started hanging all my necklaces on a hanger and putting them in my closet so it's easy to find.
EverybodyIsUgly on September 13
Oh yes I have one of those too for my belts.
Prestidigitation on September 12
Oh, i am severely jealous. I honestly don't have enough of a closet to organize. those piles of shoes look heveanly
EverybodyIsUgly on September 12
there's like another 7 rows underneath it. I couldn't get it all in the picture lol.
azizax on September 12
I know what you mean. I had the bright idea of organizing my closet by color of my clothes. Now I just kinda have this black hole. I guess I'm gonna mix my white and black together.
thefieldsofelysium on September 14
haha, i did that, too. and i got so frustrated that i reorganized my closet by clothing type (tanks, shirts, sweaters, etc.). i find that it helps even out the black distribution. :)
EverybodyIsUgly on September 12
Oh yeah, colors, always such a pain. I've had to "feel" my way through my clothes before. So annoying.

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