How to sell your used clothes

Updated on Oct 02, 2008

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OTF on November 07
You can sell your clothes on for FREE!!! It just has to be within the current trends and either vintage or eco friendly
ivywang on January 29
$215, really??? I sold a $150 Betsey Johnson dress at a Buffalo Exchange for one $16 - I was srsly like wtf.
thatdorkygirl on January 18
ah, buffalo exchange.. i wish we had one nearby.. all i've got is crappy platos closet, where nothing is chic and everything is ill-fitting.. but thats life.
InstantVintage on October 02
I wish I had that kind of luck at the B.E. down here.
jamice on October 02
mmm i usually go for ebay or the new zealand equivalent: trade me. although the process of taking photos is truly excruciating, as is writing descriptions. oh hell, i should just give it all to blanketman "" i think he is in dire need of clothes... (considering he sits rocking outside my work late at night.. )
jamice on October 04
haha yes. i sometimes wonder how he managed to get myspace. he ran through my friends apt building screaming and shouting once...
EverybodyIsUgly on October 03
Yeah, ebay, like I mentioned above, is not for me. Farrrrrr too lazy for that. wtf blanketman lol
elysiamann on October 02
YAY MONEY! i bet you sold some pretty awesome things!!
BrassMonkey on October 02
I saw a VW Anglomania-esque irregularly shaped skirt with a weird tartan print at BE today. I have no idea if it was VW as I didn't check the tag, but any chance it was yours? lol.
EverybodyIsUgly on October 03
Oh weird. I actually DO have a tartan irregularly shaped skirt from VW Anglomania, but I did not give it away to Buffalo just yet.
mchole on October 02
um, so i just figured out what i'm doing this weekend. driving to the bay and selling my clothes.... and buying yours! hehe
EverybodyIsUgly on October 03
Roswellhigh on October 02
OMG Your Hilarious!
E_Dagger on October 02
I waaaant! >.<
ParisTarts on October 02
For realz BEX neverrrrrrr buys my makes me feel like a badly dressed gurl. Eh :( But if I was in the Bay Area I would hit that store up!
EverybodyIsUgly on October 03
They didn't used to buy as much from me when I was in college. But after college, my taste got a little better?
fleshbot on October 02
Nice outfit!Three of my friends actually got ticketed last month xD
rainelyn on October 02
sweet deal. im too lazy to haul/sell my old stuff. glad your speeding ticket will be taken care of now wooohoo.
wheezy on October 02
WHY DON'T I LIVE IN BAY AREA WTF this is why i hate living in pullman. we don't even have a buffalo exchange. if i tried asking, they'd think i'd be talking about an actual bartering of livestock. no joke.
EverybodyIsUgly on October 03
There is a MOSCOW, idaho? man.
wheezy on October 02
it's on the eastern edge of washington, home of washington state university, and 10 minutes away from moscow, idaho. it's as hick as it sounds. i was watching myth busters about fainting goats and this guy was like "yeah, they really do that, i've seen them do it all the time." ......
EverybodyIsUgly on October 02
Haha, the sales girl saw me coming and forgo'd her 20 minute break so she could see what was in my bag lol, feels like Urban Outfitters but for thrift. Where is Pullman?
FriChic on October 02
Ha, Lulu, you look like Rumi on this pic :))))
EverybodyIsUgly on October 02
Haha, I've been hearing this a lot? I think bc I used to have helmut bangs so no one could really see my face.
foxhuntvintage on October 02
interesteing - consignment here gets you a cut of at least 40% (sometimes 50%). I don't know if any shops where i live buy outright - pretty nice to walk out with a check right away!
EverybodyIsUgly on October 02
Hmm... I think consignment vs. this type of consignment is different? Yeah, its a small cut you get. But they offered me either $215 in cash or $300+ in store credit. That's how it usually goes.

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