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Updated on Aug 27, 2010
This is an entry to Make Life Juicy sponsored by Juicy Couture.
beige polka dot H&M blazer - black creeper TUK shoes - black Forever 21 leggings
Black-tuk-shoes-black-forever-21-leggings-purple-h-m-shirt-red-forever-21- Black-tuk-shoes-black-forever-21-leggings-purple-h-m-shirt-red-forever-21- Black-tuk-shoes-black-forever-21-leggings-purple-h-m-shirt-red-forever-21- Black-tuk-shoes-black-forever-21-leggings-purple-h-m-shirt-red-forever-21- Black-tuk-shoes-black-forever-21-leggings-purple-h-m-shirt-red-forever-21-
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irisanddaniel 's Thoughts:

Hey everyone :) This is our entry for the Make Life Juicy contest which we wanted to enter even though we know that we’re basically automatically disqualified for having two people in our photo. Thought it would be fun anyhow.

Daniel I make my life juicy by never being afraid to do what I want and live my life how I want to. I feel that expression of one’s style is something so easy to do yet many people fear dressing outside the norm. I feel that Kelly Cutrone stated this very well when she said, “Average people love to be average because nobody bothers them. If you want to be different be prepared for people to hate you.” I think that to make your life juicy, you must be unafraid of any outside perspective of you and just dress how you want to dress. I’m wearing this amazing Levi’s plaid jacket that my dad got a few months ago with a H&M jersey polo in a beautiful purple color. The shorts are from H&M as well (from the women’s section) and I paired them with bejeweled leggings from Forever 21 which added a great texture and luxe quality. The entire outfit is extremely my style, masculine meets feminine in a fashion forward way and that’s how to juicy-fy your life! :)

Iris I love this corset top because it’s very reminiscent of the current ladylike-shapes trend for Fall 2010 which I completely love. The beige polka dotted jacket is from H&M and it looks perfectly precious with the floral thrifted skirt. I love the reddish pink color of the corset, as you can see I own quite a few items of that color, and these tights were a new acquisition. My life is juicy because I surround myself with things I love and think are beautiful. My entire room is basically a shrine to all my inspirations wrapped up in pink and lace. I am not afraid to let anyone know what really makes me happy or what inspires me. I’m an open book about myself and I feel that it is important to always be yourself to whoever you meet.

We also make our lives juicy by always sticking together, as cheesy as that sounds. We inspire each other and always let the other express themselves the way they want. Our outfits in this photo really represent our styles separately even though they blend together seamlessly, just as a good (and Juicy) friendship should be.

That’s enough for the cheese-fest.. haha. :D

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Comments (37)

ChristieREdwards7587 on January 18
You two are chic!
milicaaaa on December 01
very cool
PaulMichaela on September 07
I wanted to emulate this look, but I couldn't find the leggings Daniel. Do you have any suggestions where I could look. Thanks!
irisanddaniel on September 07
Got it at Forever 21, found it in the largest one near me, didn't see it at any other F21 stores except the one thats newly opened.
Aphrodite on September 04
“Average people love to be average because nobody bothers them. If you want to be different be prepared for people to hate you.” ----i think i'm gonna write that down!!! =) Great shirt D and beautiful skirt I. CHIC CHIC!
gladful on August 31
cute blazer!
Florrosada12 on August 30
Daniel I love the colors of the outfit.Especially the purple shade. Iris I love the skirt and the top. They really look cute. You two are so cool when it comes to fashion.
JoanJap on August 30
cute! good luck((:
lotemxoxo on August 30
dis is sooo fab love it
Annebeth on August 29
love all the prints going on here! shabby chic :D
minhacatwalk on August 28
thank you for your comment!! loved your photos!!
WeMoveVintage on August 28
I love everything! You two are amazing!
londondude on August 28
This is great, I think this is one of the best posts that I have seen from you guys! Totally chic floral skirt and check shirt, and the rest? well, lets just say I LOVE IT : )
StylePantry on August 28
You two are so adorable. xo
RubySlipper on August 28
I just love this to pieces!
anonymours on August 28
cute stockings
headbandit on August 28
you guys are great! love both looks!
lillmy on August 28
cute looks
MarioPajutanJr on August 28
Daniel, Im so in love with your tights!!! Amazing!!! and I loove the blazer on you Iris... i like the line by Kelly Cutrone btw!!c:
candydoll on August 27
Cute colors! I love Daniel's tights!! Wow!
goldencor on August 27
You guys are so cute, as always!!
theclassicsilhouette on August 27
cute! i love the pop of colors!!
Hawaiikidd on August 27
The tights look good too. :)
Hawaiikidd on August 27
I love the color combination Daniel! Awesome as always!
Boompow on August 27
love the corperations you guys put together your both two of a kind.(:
HeadFirst on August 27
very cute! I love both your outftis!:)
keogan42 on August 27
love the dots blazer
trinalovetrina on August 27
great minds.. :)
patriciaprieto on August 27
You both look grerat!!!! Love it!! :)
lissakahayon on August 27
as always, ur rocking ur outfits!!
Shary on August 27
I love your guy's outfits I want a friend who share the same intrestest in fashion like me.
bubbslove on August 27
your outfits look soo cute, i love the blend of colours. seems perfect for a summer/fall transition
LA_Chica on August 27
Both of you look amazing. great tights and mixture of colors (:
GlossyCheshireCat on August 27
Lovely skirt :) You both look awesome!
Jazza on August 27
Iris I love the colour of your tights :) And I love the floral mixed with spots :)
angiekje on August 27
loving all the prints!! cute blazer iris!! love your too daniel :) and cute shorts with leggings!! love it :) also that skirt is gorgeous!! and love that wine red colour :) (should I also just talk about one of you first and then about the other :p because I think I'm messing up my comment now :D) Rather have you both in your picture then having to miss either one of you :) maybe you can still win
irisanddaniel on August 27
haha, we were thinking about making an extra account for the other's ohoto but then we decided that although we would love to go to Chictopia10, we wouldn't really like to go without each other.. :D thank you so much for the comment! it was kind of confusing, but don't worry we loved every minute of the response. :)
angiekje on August 27
but just one of you gets the prize??
cory_josue on August 27
i like the details on Daniel's leggings, and iris is fast becoming one of my fashion favorites. keep it up guys..
franloiacono on August 27
Love the color you mixed Iris, the blazer and the skirt are amazing! And you Daniel with those shorts + leggings you look so good :D
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