Gossip Girl's new character

Updated on Oct 13, 2008

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keely5 on October 22
she looks amazing.i didnt realise it was possible to be jealous of someone's nose, but i am. gorgeous!
Montse on October 17
Her style is perfekt!
MichelleYue on October 15
omg Willa Holland is so gorgeous. yay.
rainelyn on October 15
i think im the only person who doesnt like gg except for the style inspiration.
ageofconsent on October 13
Have you seen the picture of Willa Holland in he Chloe boots??? I'm so jealous!
elysiamann on October 13
i can't believe they're bringing kaitlyn from the oc over to gg... josh schwartz must have really loved working with her! she was great in the oc, we'll see what happens with her and the other demons!
Niquita on October 13
Oh my goodness, that girl on the chair is tiny.
imajetsetter on October 13
Has anyone seen Taylor's character's new look? Her hair is awful.
littlemissR on October 13
i LOVE willa!
purebliss on October 13
Oooh, she was on the cover of Teen Vogue a while back. Is it just me or does she have an uncanny resemblance to Michelle Tra?
ferociacoutura on October 13
She is here to corrupt little J. yum(:
wwwardrobe on October 13
wow i'm so jealous! i can't wait to see the new episode tonight.
melange on October 13
I just saw her on whowhatwear.com and thought she had kinda disappeared..i guess not!

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