T-shirt mini lessons

Updated on Jun 09, 2008

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bkgurl36 on January 20
Ayaka on November 02
simple yet chic!
modgeisha on September 11
love this! lesson learned!
vasellina on September 25
I love James Perse's line. I saw that on hautelook.com they are having a sample sale for this collection today and tomorrow. I can't wait. I love this site. They always have the best deals.
afinefrenzy on August 03
I have a sick obsession for basic tees. I love this.
girlhive on June 23
Yep, no way I'm paying $85 for a t-shirt.
EverybodyIsUgly on June 23
$85 might seem a little steep, but in comparison to the $150-$300 t-shirts I was asked to find an alternative version for. It might not seem so bad. It all depends on your personal income and preference.
camiller on June 12
i just got back from target and they have some tees pretty similar in cut to this james perse tee. they're 'tissue weight' and elbow length, but without the little pocket. just thought i'd give some others a heads up, since they're only $9.99. :)
fashionispoison on June 12
omg i got one 3 days ago! i got it in the bone color. it's really thin and such a good price for what you get. i'll wash it and see how that goes
Jillian on June 11
Very stylish! An A+ find! Anything James Perse or Vince as for basics is very 'The Row' and have great quality. Top shop had this one line in their boutique that had similar pieces that were featured in The Row such as the perfect tank but i'm not sure how the quality was... :) I rather like this T kinda want it now! lol <3
EverybodyIsUgly on June 11
Get it! Yeah, James Perse makes good basics that don't cost too much, compared to nowadays.
Maddi on June 10
Sorry I just want to know why my photo get all unclear when I upload to chictopia, I made it the measuremets you guys requires, cuold it be because I´m using a mac??
EverybodyIsUgly on June 11
Hi Maddi, let me check on that for you. I use a Mac, that should not be the issue.
barney on June 09
this shirt is excellent! AND I definitely dig the long sleeves. Do happen to know how it fits? (i.e. is it fitted? or do u think one should order a size bigger to achieve the slouchy type fit?)
pinkstiletto7 on June 09
Ohh, also check out KAIN label pocket tee or tank. I'm diggin' that new brand, totally like Alexander Wang tee.
pinkstiletto7 on June 09
I have this tee from shopbop. I'm a 5'3, 110 pound, got in size 2. Perfect, it's a lil slouchy look, you can wear it off shoulder. If you want fitted tee, get 1.
EverybodyIsUgly on June 09
I would suggest one size bigger just to have more options. :)
MaleUgly on June 09
James Perse always does us right!

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