calling all uglies!

Updated on Nov 06, 2008

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flamantflamboyant on November 12
When are you going to post this video?
EverybodyIsUgly on November 13
sorry sorry sorry but I am completely inept at video editing apparently? Ack.
PetraBenton on November 10
So someone's already asked this but i thought i may as well as again as i would love you to answer it! Annabel, what colour and brand is your lipstick that you often wear? It's gorgeous! Thanks :)
Tali on November 09
people are asking intense/random questions LOL. Umm what trends do you hate/like/predict?
loulouisa on November 09
Do you consider yourself a lucky person? Are you happy with the things around you, like your blog, the work you’re doing etc.? What kind of things do you like to change?
chocofusion on November 08
what do you believe made your application stand out among other senior when you applied to uc berkeley.
chocofusion on November 08
even though wearing white t, black skinnies and a lovely blazer look so chic outside. won't it make the indoor outfit of white t and black pants really un-chic?
klj591 on November 08
guilty pleasures?
merced on November 08
how much do you get paid? ;)
ageofconsent on November 08
How many pairs of ballet flats do you own, which are now all rotting at the back of your closet? (random i know)
Serafin on November 07
Annie- how the heck do u remain on top of ur gear and on top of ur studies especially when in CAL?!? ( u make chic so effortless)
Chloeee on November 07
well as asian girl tend to have black hair, how do you wear all black without getting complete squashed in black?
ageofconsent on November 08
i have this problem too haha
Zennia on November 07
Annabel, you wear the best red lipstick ever! What brand and color do you use?
elysiamann on November 07
how old are you? is this all you are doing right now? what did you major in in school? how did you end up here? oh, and check out my blog -<>! thanks! i'm so excited to read all the answers to these questions!
cestlebouquet on November 07
what are your career goals/ what is your major/specialization in college?
cestlebouquet on November 07
aaaaaannnddd what (in your opinion(s)) is the best sturdy yet chic schoolbag?
saltinejustine on November 07
do you find guys are annoyed by your love for fashion? i know my boyfriend is.
glorybox on November 07
What are your favourite songs of all time? We Luvs Ya Annabel!
cdcp on November 07
What is your nationality? :)
plastikneon on November 07
How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie-pop?
cherrymagazine on November 07
i want to know your tips to entering into the fashion industry. like with internships and all and how you girls handle both!! Please :)
hellostranger on November 07
If you could pick only one fashion blog/icon to follow for the rest of your life, which would it be?
_ANITA on November 06
assume you guys watch gossip girl, who is your favorite character? and who has better style? blair, serena, or jenny?
itsumo on November 06
What do you recommend for us girls with wider hips to wear to de-emphasize our..wide hips.....? Haha, sorry for the awk worded question o_0
lquery83 on November 06
what flavor of gum are you chewing? ...I'd also want to know, how'd you get involved with this fabulous place we call chictopia?
Margot on November 06
In your opinion what is the one article of clothing you couldn't live without/ you swear you will never buy/wear?
fayeangelica on November 06
If you could have dinner with absolutely anyone in this world, be it brad pitt or nelson mandela or marc jacobs, who would it be and why?
iheartdresses on November 06
what 5 items of clothing are your favourites?
s_s on November 06
do you ever rate photos on chictopia negatively[below ok]? do you comment instead or just navigate away?
princessMLim on November 06
guilty pleasures? bad habits and embarrassing moments.... ;)
amyy on November 06
what's your favorite quote and what is your favorite shopping pick-me up?
Lan on November 06
Do you guys hang out at school?
lulu on November 06
If I drop something on the ground, would you pick it up for me?
thenoircollective on November 06
what's the most annoying fashion-related question you guys get asked.. is my question :P
ForeverTheSickestKid on November 06
how much are you willing to spend on an article of clothing? :)
annabel on November 06

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