What to wear to do... summer things

Updated on Jun 21, 2008

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Jimmy82 on November 17
Great skirt! Looks really good on you
Polly_Nirvana on June 10
love the skirt so much!
modgeisha on November 10
Love the skirt
4everUSMC on April 18
Love it!
Tashii on May 23
cute skirt!
Natalieann on April 24
iamashleigh on September 02
lulu you do the ra ra skirt like no other!
karlascloset on June 23
I couldn't agree more with you about winter being 10x better than summer. And a tip for beating the summer heat: be naked and happy. amen
EverybodyIsUgly on June 24
Not with the current contruction workers in and out of my house! haha
lydia on June 23
vest, nerd glasses, oxford heels. you've got it all down! i love the mix of cheap and mid-price fashion.
EverybodyIsUgly on June 24
I guess I forgot to mention I'm wearing my father's watch in this pic (not shown). It's something like 4k. Yikes.
flairtoremember on June 22
you look fantastic! i actually love summer, and find lovely dresses and lightweight basics worn with feature accessories = hot weather life(style)savers...
EverybodyIsUgly on June 24
You are the master of lovely dresses.
Helena on June 22
i like it. maybe the first time i've seen the ubitquitous skirt in a non-ubiquitous way for a while. makes me more enthusiastic about the perils of summer dressing.
EverybodyIsUgly on June 24
Can't wait to see your summer outfits.
nonorientable on June 22
thank you for this post! i never know what to wear in summer b/c i'm fat and very self conscious of it, so i continue to wear long sleeves and long pants even throughout summer >_> also, i find it impossible to wear any shoes without socks/tights b/c my feet get so sweaty! but i love that you wore a vest with the outfit, it makes it so much better!
EverybodyIsUgly on June 24
Haha, you know, for me summer is frustrating bc the terms "breezy" "flowy" never really resonated with me.
fashionista on June 22
My favorite Luella interpretation so far!
sugarxnspice on June 22
yay, new inspiration for my oxfords! white on white is brilliant. I like to wear dresses in summer, and recently I have discovered the goodness of loose, light cotton tops...
EverybodyIsUgly on June 24
You know.. I have a lot of dresses, but never realized how many of them were FALL dresses. man
mirrormirror on June 22
*ahem*... you're wearing knee high winter socks a few posts back btw.... maybe a cold day?
EverybodyIsUgly on June 22
Hahaha, it was definitely not as hot. Northern California (compared to other parts of California) is quite all over the place. It might look sunny but it can actually be quite cold. I would definitely never wear that gray shirt dress in hot hot weather bc it is unlined silk and I would easily sweat through it. That is my argument and I'm sticking to it :D
mirrormirror on June 22
except when you live in London and its never really summer in the California sense (where i used to live and miss terribly)... this is me substantiating my recent tough boot purchase :-)
EverybodyIsUgly on June 22
Love your tough boots!
Maddi on June 22
wow I think you are the first one I see to master that look, I mean especially that skirt as I think they easily look wrong somehow, too short kinda..Dont get me wrong, I like short but it has to look right. maybe you´ve got the better version of it, anyway it looks great o n you!
EverybodyIsUgly on June 22
I think it helps that I'm only 5'3". But yeah, I agree, that's why I don't wear this skirt too often but in this heat I was running out of options.
UtterlyAmazing on June 22
love the skirt and shoes!
saray on June 22
I love this skirt! and I love how you wore it! such a great combo..
abi on June 22
Im a little lost...what temperature determines too hot to wear ankle boots in the summer...as i often see you and other bloggers wearing boots with denim cutoffs etc....just curious
EverybodyIsUgly on June 22
Yesterday was actually quite hot, I would say 90+
helenz (@helenzhu) on June 21
this inspired me to get shoes exactly like yours!
ClothesHorse on June 21
I love summer, but you're right about the styling becoming more limited. I get overheated so quickly as well that I tend to only wear the lightest of things!
EverybodyIsUgly on June 21
I feel slightly dumber in the summer, for sure.
camiller on June 21
cute! i always end up in a summer uniform of tees & denim cutoffs. i'm going to try to make a larger effort to dress more creatively this summer though.
EverybodyIsUgly on June 21
You of all people look extra good in denim cutoffs. But yes yes yes, would love to see what you come up with :D

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