GUEST BLOGGER: Flairtoremember

Updated on Jun 25, 2008

Comments (9)

nancyleigh on June 17
*runs off to buy hairspray*
carly_carls_cars on June 28
fantastic and helpful post! i'm trying to grow my hair (last year i got the bob hair cut and i didn't realise how hard it is to grow out!) and your post now makes me want to perservere and grow my hair~~~wow 2 years huh...
flairtoremember on June 29
Yep you just gotta get past the urge to cut it when it is an awkward length! Yeah 2 year without cutting it shorter. I probably considered it 'long' after about 1.5 yrs.. Hair definitely seems to grow faster when your hair style is shorter!
nanaaaa on June 26
I love this entry!!!! so informative! great job!
flairtoremember on June 29
Yay! Thanks! Stoked it was helpful!
frieda on June 26
GHD is also my saviour! except mine doesn't beep :) The photo collages are great, especially the one with the braids
flairtoremember on June 29
The beeping is very handy, especially when I have to get ready ridiculously early + am only half awake!
thenoircollective on June 26
Thankyou for the fantastic post! Ghd ruined my hair so badly, even with heat protection products so I have to go without most days :(
flairtoremember on June 29
Bummer! It actually seems to make my hair feel alot smoother + nicer. Oh I would be so upset if I had to stop using it! Hehe sounds like an addiction!!
Realitychic on June 25
Great post.
flairtoremember on June 25
You crack me up Lulu! And my hair is so boring + straight that I can't even remember the last time I used a hairbrush! That sounds gross actually.. hmm..
Angel_In_The_Pit on June 25
love this post and especially loved the pic of audrey!
flairtoremember on June 25
If we're mentioning up-dos, Audrey's gotta be involved!
helenz (@helenzhu) on June 25
wow, the entry i've been looking forward to! i haven't had long hair in ten years! but looking at these photos makes me want to grow it out again :-)
flairtoremember on June 25
Yay! I finally did it! hehe. I didn't really cater for the shorter do's I just realised! Oops! Ahh well, your hair always looks super cute!

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