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Updated on Jun 27, 2008

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TiffanyIma on July 13
and also i like sports...they get in the way in that aspect..i have to wear two sports bras...
TiffanyIma on July 13
I totally agree with this...i used to hate my 32dd boobs but now i just deal with them and wear things that dont make me look slutty lol
thesundaybest on June 30
There is no equivalent problem for a guy, although I'm sure most girls wouldn't find having a small waist and large bust a "problem." But your proportions in terms of clothing are definitely spot-on. You dress ridiculously well.
enc on June 29
Rebecca/Clothes Horse has always dressed very tastefully for her figure. I admire that.
evie on June 28
i hate that i never realised my bust size till my friends pointed it out. which made me more obsessed about wanting hips to balance things out. and then of course there are problems in the wardrobe dept but i agree with you that rules are meant to be broken and i sometimes find a way around items that aren't as flattering for my figure
ClothesHorse on June 30
It's sometimes hard to recognize what your figure is actually like--when I did acknowledge it I was kinda like "so when did this happen???" And yah, it's hard when you're a small in the waist but a large in the bust!
princessMLim on June 28
I usually hide underneath monstrous amount of fabric and yards of scarves. :]
caramia on June 28
I completely agree with missmilki, I hadn't noticed either!
rileyanne on June 28
I just had a breast reduction so I'm not as well-endowed as I once was (I was a 30F, now I'm about a C), but I layered very low-cut scoop necks (that cut halfway down the breast) over crew necks, which actually makes you look a few cup sizes smaller. That and I wore huge scarves all the time.
ClothesHorse on June 28
I'll have to try that layering sometime. Scarves are great for some discreet coverage.
Ckybe on June 28
Excellent post! I absolutely agree with avoiding loose fitting tees/tunics sans belt-makes the well-endowed girl look much larger than she is! I have definitely been jealous of the small girls who look effortlessly chic in those styles!
ClothesHorse on June 28
Ugh! It's so hard to avoid being envious of girls who can dress so haphazardly and look fantastic!
emlyyyy on June 28
You should also mention that a well-endowed woman should be cautious of the length of necklaces and chains. I always have the problem of necklaces hanging from my chest in all the wrong areas!
ClothesHorse on June 28
So true--long necklaces are so awkward to wear.
missmilki on June 28
Great article! Its funny, i never even noticed you were so well endowed til you mentioned it! Proof that you do dress really well for your figure. I think being shorter really emphasises your boobs. I'm only 5ft but my boobs aren't that big, yet i still find I have to stick to alot of these tips to look properly balanced!
ClothesHorse on June 28
Thanks, one of my friends said once, "you have a really nice body, I never would have known by the way you dress." She meant it as a compliment, she's just awkward with words... I do try to de-emphasize the chest region. ^_-
memebot on June 27
sometimes having a big chestal area is a blessing. sometime it totally SUCKS. especially when i see rail thin girlies looking so chic and hot and i WANT TO WEAR THAT STUFF, TOO. sigh.
ClothesHorse on June 28
I see it as a curse sometimes too, but the whole "grass is greener" seems to be true, many girls would prefer to trade body types with someone...
Tali on June 27
thats how I feel about my hips/derriere!
thenoircollective on June 27
Thankyou, I kind of lack in that department after some weight loss in all the wrong areas, but this was such a great read anyway!
Tali on June 27
this is great! If I had boobs, I would go by every rule posted. Unfortunately I don't :(.
Starrgirl on June 27
Your post is so fun to read! great job :)
parapluie on June 27
thank you, genius lady.
carolinephoto on June 27
story. of. my. life. hahahha great post!
Elenita on June 27
I must agree: This was a brilliant post! I have to show it to a friend of mine who struggle to find clothes due to her large chest area.
WorldUgly on June 27
great post!
yesiwillyes on June 27

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