Updated on Jan 24, 2009
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chinani 's Thoughts:

searching through my accumulated pictures folder on my computer i ran through an editorial pic of ms. bruno.
an oversized cardigan with a cute tiny dress and heels. i think it is just great as the year starts to warm up just a little tiny bit. i’m dreaming of warmer days right now while it’s snowing outside.
decided to wear pigtails today for i felt a bit bouncy. went out for brekfast with mama. bagels and fruit, while reading the newspaper. relaxation numbah one.
drove through an “advanced technology” car wash as the sign said, which we questioned because of the 3 min timing. it worked quite well though.
then mama decided she wanted her hair dyed and kept repeating to me about going to beauty school?
first of all i am not a fan of make up and styling hair. i never once had that in my head as a career interest but i guess i’ll give it a try first before i judge. after looking through their brochure though i decided i was more interested in the calm atmosphere of the esthetics course than the fast paced cosmetology course (and high price!). and a career that is simply for the well being of others really interests me.

my mom’s hair ended up a dark blonde kind of color which on an asian woman i don’t think i like. but she carries it well, and later on thought it would go great after surprising me that she will be going to brazil!

ended my day with a workout. i love to excercise and being active, makes me happy. been wanting to go hiking but the snow keeps stopping me.

went to the store to by some onions, garlic, and tomatoes. the main ingredients for ginisang kamates! i created a masterpiece. my mom loved it which i’m glad. had to call my grandma in california to give me guidelines as i was cooking it. haha.

now finishing the day off with dessert of hazelnut chocolates and gatas. yuuuum.

sorry for my grammar and punctuation for anyone who cares to read my blabber.

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