Updated on Jul 05, 2008

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WorldUgly on July 09
i love the fashbot! i agree than everyone should make an effort to wear something other than cut off and american apparel t-shirts. though we're in the middle a monsoon in london so i don't need to worry.
fashiontoast (@rumineely) on July 08
I totally agree on the giant coat thing. I'm actually very much enjoying not having to layer right now, unlike most people it seems. Stephanie you look way too cute in that romper.
Tali on July 07
I love the idea of rockin a dashiki! I dunno why I never thought of that before, its brillant. I'm being dead ass (serious) though ^_^
indecision on July 05
yay Stephanie! I'm actually going to Chicago at the end of the summer on my way to school, now I know I can't not dress well just because I'll be in the midwest haha
lydia on July 05
thanks for giving some more options for the hot hot heat. summer dressing can sometimes be really hard.
tianaB on July 05
yay fashbot!

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