Updated on Mar 24, 2009

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BrianaLove on October 25
waist belt elongates your legs
modgeisha on October 30
Love the vest!
marleneb on September 27
Wow, what a wonderful dress
marleneb on September 27
Wow, what a wonderful dress
ifred on July 15
like iT
vro on April 18
Great post, I like the 4 points you mentioned, you're totally right. I love your vest!
SheliLove on April 17
Love those shoes!
gogosushi on April 14
Oh I love that vest x
lisaemily on April 07
i currently live and was born and raised here in NY and let me tell you- when i go OUT of state, and people randomly smile,wave, or say hello; I get really weirded out; I blame the mean streets of NYC hahah.
CoedUgly on April 08
LOL I knowwww why do New Yorkers think that's weird?! Everyone smiles in the south. Also we have tons of cows.
debs on April 06
you look fab!!
xs_ on April 02
i love this look. structured and interesting. you get an A+.
tiffyd on March 28
love it! way to be economical
nbr5 on March 27
love this.
greyowl on March 26
wow the clothes are so chic! and you are so beautiful
corriheart on March 26
"so technically they are free. Can’t beat free." how can anyone argue with that! :)
iexitmusic on March 26
Great post. Ever since you first mentioned bodystockings, I've been rather intrigued myself. Where did you get yours?
gladys_c on March 26
i should probably consider tips #3 and #4.. haha :)
mzkris on March 25
great advice esp numbers 3 and 4... all the hype music in f21 makes my brain cells and sometimes my sense of style stop workin for a while. and in new york...blast ya ipod dont look at people 4 too long.the people that make eye contact are generally the ones that might smile back. i think people are so afraid of weirdos that they think smiling back would only cause them to end up with stalkers idk
kdolph17 on March 25
enjoyed the advice and cool outfit
endlessdream on March 25
thanks for the post! its definitely helped strengthen my resolve to buy more investment pieces. most def quality over quantity!
BadTasteToast on March 25
simple + chic = fantastic :)
aNIKaP on March 25
Great advice!
libys11 on March 24
i completely agree with everything you said.. and for the most part, i think i've been applying those in my shopping habits. im madly in love with pieces that are multifunctional. if a piece can be a skirt, top, dress (heck, even pants), i'd totally buy it no questions ask! hahahaha.. and the first thing that always comes to my mind when buying is if it's gonna go well with my existing wardrobe!
lavonne on March 24
very good lesson
shmicole on March 24
bravo for the entry! ;)
chaneldoll on March 24
totally lovin' the look!;)
RazzleDazzleMe on March 24
I hate buying stuff. I can't good quality even when I think I am. I've never been to New York but I want to go so bad.
FashionReady on March 24
i love to see that you're making use of those bodystockings that you had interest in!! also love the vest! maybe NY does need a hug! i'd smile back! :D
mcmaris on March 24
Hahaha, get used to the no smiles. People arent trying to be nice or converse in the hustle & bustle. You might encounter a few nice people but for the most part ppl are just busy and wanna go about their business. You'll end up not caring and soon will find it annoying to be bothered to say hi. Welcome to NY. Love the vest!
CherryBlossomGirl on March 24
haha this post made me laugh, love what you said about uggs and igloos and the bag of crap! great outfit as well.
hanako on March 24
ooh and i really love your vest!
hanako on March 24
interesting! i never tire of hearing about fashion investment. i used to be an impulse shopper years ago and buy many many pieces during each weekly shopping trip.! i'd convince myself that each piece was worth it 'because it was so cheap'. now i concentrate of basics and stuff i can wear several ways, just like you say! i've never been so happy about my wardrobe. :)
LiviNZ on March 24
very cute. :D love the vest!
ivywang on March 24
lol I think on some big Travel website, Los Angeles was voted as the most unfriendly city, with NYC coming in second. But I live in LA and I consider myself a friendly person..? And when I was in NYC, everyone was really nice to me, so idk!
classytrash on March 24
I saw a girl in the hallway on the way to the bathroom where I'm interning & I smiled at her & she just gave me this look like... "What?" Lol. Maybe fashion people are the only ones that need hugs.
cheengkitz on March 24
RepublicofHeaven on March 24
So true. I really need to stop spending money. I don't know where I'm going to get the will power though, seeing as my love of fashion only grows ever single day. The relationship of fashion and money is inverse. Boo.
kt_krazy on March 24
this is gorgeous. and i liked your lady gaga reference. good times.

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