Everybody is ugly is getting a makeover!

Updated on May 06, 2008

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somewhere cheap top - somewhere cheap shorts

Why everybody is ugly

I realized that I never really explained why I called my blog Everybody is Ugly. Sure, sites like Go Fug Yourself play up badly dress celebrities. But they are celebrities. They can do whatever the...
Wearing the pants part 1

Wearing the pants part 1

In this continued series, we move onto the subject of pants. This is a sore subject for me for two reasons: 1. My ex-boyfriend, we’ll call him “Clinical Trial.” Clinical Trial works in bio-tech. He...
random brand from Loehmans dress - Zara sunglasses - Aldo shoes - assorted from

Summer trends part 2

Corinne is modeling a really popular shoe for summer. The Balenciaga/ Givenchy/ gladiator influence is very heavy this season. The covered up leather front, HIGH platform, and cutout toe is current...
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