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Updated on Apr 03, 2009
vintage t-shirt - Cheap Monday jeans - wo sweater - Star Ling from Nordstrom sho
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calivintage 's Thoughts:

gesundheit! harhar.

ok, so here’s a simple, go-to look for me. vintage t shirt tucked into high rise jeans with a cardigan. i’m starting to like the look of my cheap mondays as they fade. the only problem is that apparently you don’t need to size up on their very stretch washes. these babies get so loose by the end of the day. boo! but i don’t care and i wear them anyways, and i love the way they’re fading. now i just have an excuse to buy another pair!

so here’s my dilemma for the day. shoes. i just invested in many pairs of shoes within the $90 – $150 range. then i went shopping in sf and of course, ended up looking at the designer shoes, easily within the $200 and upwards and upwards kind of range. gah, chloe…..

so what do you do? just suck it up and fork over the cash for only 2 (or 3 at most) pairs of really amazing designer shoes, or do you just get lots of different styles in the more affordable price range?

my thought is that it would get boring. all my outfits would be centered around these couple pairs of shoes. can 2 (or 3) pairs of shoes really carry you through a season?

p.s. i threw in a (slight) closeup of the new hair. if i keep going on like this, by summer i’m gonna have such a short crop!

Comments (37)

Blue4ever on May 23
love the jeans <3
yourmotherondrugs on October 05
this is a great pair of jeans.
Tashii on April 23
Love the vintage tee!!
peanutbutterandkelly on April 08
ive always gotten one or two really good pair of investment shoes a season, then get cheaper ones for the trendy shoes. admittedly i usually get a few pairs as presents too and im loyal to my shoes. i live in flats so it solves most of my problems. the mouse jacobs mouse shoes i got for christmas are one of the best investments ever. also, i love your bag.
closetotoast on April 08
very cute - my favorite bag is a thrifted/vintage coach
halfnhalfgyrl on April 08
shoesss, love them!
nathanielt148 on April 05
I think your new cut complements you so well! shirt too..yay! for Bud Light lol...
lforlmr on April 05
i really need jeans like that, i never find the perfect fit! love the outfit
youngbones on April 04
love the whole outfit esp. the jeans and shoes. ~L
tiffyd on April 04
i am in dire need of (new) old vintage tees! your new hair is super cute but i never would've seen you in it. you are so versatile dear. what i do is usually obsess over 4-5 designer shoes and end up with 1 cheap pair that somehow embodies all of their traits.. it just never works out. but if there's no $$$ to support the addiction then what's a girl to do?! xoxox
posedtodeath on April 04
this is so cute! i looovelove the jeans
Jasna on April 04
Vintage tees are the best! Love everything!!! xx
jennigrrl on April 04
I love your go to look. dont know anything about shoes though.
eatyourtofu on April 04
Aaaaaaah! I haven't been keeping up here on Chictopia and I just saw your hair. I LOVE it. Anyhoo, vintage tees are the best, and I love how the last photo looks like a baseball tee with the cardi over it. As for spending on fashion, my philosophy is to always go affordable. I'm not big on wearing high heels, but if I did I can imagine having a costly shoe addiction!
annamarie on April 04
very cute outfit all together! and keep your hair, its adorable :]
oliviooso on April 04
love ur shoes!!
cloudo3 on April 04
oh such cute photos .. love this outfit
raiscake on April 04
Normally if I had $200 to spend on shoes, I'd buy 10 pairs for $20. :P But it depends on what kind of shoe I'm buying too. I don't mind spending (a lot) extra on classic boots, oxfords, leather shoes, etc -- shoes that I know I'll wear often and will never go out of style. My knee-high boots are over $200. Meep. For trendier shoes, I usually don't spend more than $50.
raiscake on April 04
P.S. Of course, thrift stores and flea markets are the best places for shoes. XD
Blueberry on April 03
You look so sweet!
gunshotglitter on April 03
Very lovely, boo. Dig the new hair.
KatrinaJ on April 03
I think you'd agree that the most amazing sandals or flats or heels are the ones that were found frugally and by luck! "$10?! At the flee market?! No way!" Hehe. And to me, the shoes probably the most important accessory, so designer shoes are nice.. if you can afford 20 pairs of those! Me, I like variation, expensive or not :)!
KatrinaJ on April 03
So my sister and I have completely opposite shopping habits. If both given $200 dollars to spend, she would toss it like a penny and spend it on one pair of shoes. Me on the other hand, would find 10 pairs of $20 shoes! My trick is to shop online, at sites like gojane and endless, where there are multiple half priced high quality shoes.
supervillain on April 03
I don't think I've ever seen you in jeans before! You look great!
eve on April 03
100% love you with your new Lily alen u better watch out :D
supernab on April 03
I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!!! anyway love the outfit :) about the shoes, i think it's okay to fork out some money to get a few pair of shoes that will look great with most of your clothes. but if you can find something that has a similar look and feel to it but with a cheaper price tag, then buy the cheaper one. hehe being on a student budget that's what i'd do. for the moment at least hehe
kapokbloom on April 03
You look very chic and nostalgic!
lisamarie11292 on April 03
ooooh pretty freakin sweet
michelleiris on April 03
i am loving your hair! u look awesome. about your dilemma.. i don't think i've ever splurged on a pair of shoes. but if you really want to, i think it would be better if you try it on, see if you like it.. then hunt on ebay for that pair. you'd get better deals. good luck hon!
A_Marie on April 03
ps the hair style really suits you!
A_Marie on April 03
I have that dilemma all the time too! On one hand, I want quality over quantity... but you're that totally could get boring. So instead I end up buying a bunch of cheaper stuff that I can rotate all the time. But an every now and then big time purchase is still definitely needed, ya know for the designer collection ;)
michibaby on April 03
love the bag, and your new hair is so chic and cute! It really brings out your lovely cheek bones
idee_geniale on April 03
I love, love love your hair! Especially the bangs. They're cut at a perfect length to compliment your face shape. Honestly, I hope you keep the bangs! Oh and yeah, Cheap Mondays rule. I'm due for another pair.
calivintage on April 03
thanks! i am so luck that i finally found a stylist who knew what she was doing!
KelleyAnne on April 03
overall, very cute. I love your hair!!
libys11 on April 03
i really like your new haircut!!! it highlights your face as a whole!!! and i think that's great coz seriously, you look so gorgeous! :D
calivintage on April 03
oh thank you so much! you're very sweet to say that! :)
lydia on April 03
I'm completely the wrong person to ask...99.9% of my shoes cost me less than $40...most of those under $20. I think investing might be pretty sweet, just because then you would have AMAZING shoes that (assumably) go with pretty much everything. That also last the longest. But having lots of shoes is fun! (I would know, I have waaaaay too many). So it's a tough call. Maybe split your shoe budget...
calivintage on April 03
yeah, but then my fear is that once i get a really fancy pair of chloe's, they'll make all my other shoes cry. hah!
lydia on April 03
Allow for one really expensive pair and then a couple of inexpensive ones?
iheartdresses on April 03
I personally if I could would get the couple of designer shoes cos obviously like thursdayschild said quality of quantity and the comfort level would be better than a cheaper pair plus they'd be chic cos they're designer haha:) and i;m still loving your new hairdo, it really does suit you dear! and love love those wedges you're wearing, they;re smoking hot with this outfit!:)
calivintage on April 03
thanks! that's my new rule. must wear heels with a casual dress!!! thanks for your advice, too! i am having a feeling that they couldn't get away with charging so much for those shoes if they weren't comfortable and high quality, right? ;)
vero29 on April 03
love your pants
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