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Updated on Apr 08, 2009

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Catherinee on April 16
I definitely agree that you can't go out in search of jewlery, I've been to flea markets hoping to find dresses or little things, but I came out with unique, lovely jewlery! Usually it's cheap and no one else has anything quite like it.
RazzleDazzleMe on April 09
Thanks for posting this. I have really nice jewelry but I never wear them for fear of losing them. But also, I enjoy costume jewelry a lot but once again I only wear them out with a costume. ps. What should I do if someone gives me jewelry that is not my taste? I feel bad not wearing it but at the same time they don't go with my style.
woohoo on April 09
"jewelry comes to you, you do not come to jewelry." I like that! I am very non-jewelry person since I am very sensory. I always find myself taking off my bracelet, etc. but looking at your polaroids, esp the third one, i will give it another try and when they come to me, i hope i don't refuse them :)
twinkl on April 08
wonderful polaroid of your collection! I agree--plastic is best left for laughs... because that's all I can do when I try on some of my old plastic, oversaturated jewelry. what do you think of the harness body jewelry that's been popping up here and there?
TheStylishWanderer on April 08
oh gosh. I love harness body jewelery, but I think only if its very subtle, like maybe 10-15 strands of chains not 30-40. unfortntly. I cant seem to get a hold of a harness! I Want one SO BAD though
holliegolightly on April 08
Great tips! My favorite place to look for jewelry is at antique malls....or my grandmother's jewelry box! It's always a blast. I also agree that I've never really seen a mix of textures done well. :)
elysiamann on April 08
i completely disagree with you, mixing textures and colors adds depth and looks beautiful. i think that mixing some vintage with new is foolproof, just like with clothes, and makes you look like you know what you're doing! i love you and your blog, stylish wanderer, but i'm a huge jewelry person too (the business is in my family) and i definitely disagree with you on this. :)
TheStylishWanderer on April 08
hey, I appreciate your comment. Im kind of interested in seeing the finishes and colors mixed, because Ive never seen it done well. send me a picture

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