An Ode to Prom.

Updated on Apr 08, 2009

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saigeobsessed on July 28
you are so right about the typical prom dresses. at my school, ugly must be really popular for the style of dress. i want to wear a short dress, and people are, you have wear a long dress....long dress "" were my exact thoughts.
Rica on June 27
lovely dress!
RazzleDazzleMe on May 04
yeah, prom was cheap because my high school gets tons of donations from the alumni and it all goes towards that. Also they don't serve dinner, so I guess that cheapens the price.
RazzleDazzleMe on May 04
How was everyone's prom, since that should be be almost done by now?
RockMadame on April 12
Like a princess, very very smart!
omgitserinmarie on April 09
I love the prom dress!
jeepneysoul on April 09
karma in that.... he took her cuz he thought he would get some but she ended up hooking up with some other dude that nite and left him alone on his prom nite... haha. suckaa..
jeepneysoul on April 09
sigh... it was 2002. i had dropped 100lbs (days of all girls hs anorexia) and the boy i was in love with for years and who i wanted to take me to prom... took my bestfriend. i in turn took a friend, ended up looking stunning (in my fuchsia sequined ball gown number nonetheless) took one look at them on the dancefloor and spent the rest of prom crying to my girlfriends. oh well... karma is a bitch
an_nie on April 09
my junior prom is in about 2 weeks and i'm not going. simply because my school requires a date and i lack in communicative skills involving boys. this is what i get for going to an all girls school. my mom wanted to put an ad in the newspaper for a date...oh mother. & RazzleDazzleMe? 7 dollars? the price of my jr prom is $100 and senior prom could be as high as $200.
shadowplay_ on April 09
Haha this post made me laugh :) cos I too shudder when I think about some aspects of my high school self, and my formal (I'm in Aust) dresses.
ivywang on April 08
I only went to prom my sophomore year and decided it wasn't for me. Back then, I was some scene kid, so shopping for dresses was not my strongest point. Buying my dress last minute, I wore this red gown with a chain across the waist... with tulle underneath. My make-up artist made me wear bright red lipstick. I felt so ugly that night...
RazzleDazzleMe on April 08
OH prom.....I went to my senior prom at the last minute. I wore a black dress with a bow in the front!! I like yours a lot better than mine. But my school post prom was awesome. It was worth the 7 dollars.

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